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Since 2008, OnePetro has been offering downloadable documents also in Russian, which will be an excellent help in enriching your knowledge in the field of oil and gas production. Now you can find not only articles in Russian but also publications from the magazine “Oil Industry”. To search for articles in Russian, enter in the search field “The pdf file of this paper is in Russian”.

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Reviews of technical articles from OnePetro

SPE and Engineering Practice have published Russian reviews of the Well Drilling Conference, which is jointly held annually by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and SPE. For this, technical presentations were selected that are of the greatest interest to Russian experts.

These included materials on such topical issues as the selection of fluids for drilling and well completion, directional drilling, measurements while drilling, pressure controlled drilling, cementing, and disposal of drilling waste. The full text of the relevant SPE materials can be found in the OnePetro online library.

Most Popular OnePetro Articles in Russian

In 2016, there were about 35,000 downloads of technical articles in Russian.
Below we offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of the 15 most popular articles written in
Russian language.

You can find an archive of the most downloaded articles HERE.

Section number Section name Location In OnePetro
SPE-177334-RU 120 Approaches to recovery of production of large deposits at a late stage of development. YU.
Golovatsky, O. Petrashov, V. Syrtlanov, I. Vafin, N. Mezhnova, Baker Hughes
SPE-177334-RU 117 Experience of drilling the first multilateral well in the Vankor field. R.
Nigmatullin, V. Malyasov, A. Lokot, Vankorneft; M. Bazitov, I. Golovko, D. Konosov,
A. Mingazov, Schlumberger
SPE-177334-RU 89 Enhanced oil recovery in carbonate deposits of the Caspian Basin using Smart
Water “. N. Kazankapov, Nazarbayev University
SPE-176721-RU 88 Low salinity flooding with mobilization of colloidal particles as EOR: analysis
field data. P. Bedrikovetskiy, A. Zeynizhakhromi, A. Badalyan, The University of
Adelaide; V. Akhmetgareev, TatNIPIneft; R. Khisamov, Tatneft
SPE-177401-RU 88 Evolution in Geomechanics Applications in the Yuri Korchagin, North
Of the Caspian Sea. A. Valisevich, S. Shtun, V. Zvyagin, M. Golenkin, LUKOIL; L.
Sadykov, A. Ocheretyany, A. Khakov, R. Golubtsov, Schlumberger
SPE-176698-RU 85 Identification of potential-productive intervals and detailed study of petrophysical
properties of source rocks of the Bazhenov formation using a special
complex GIS. L. Melnikov, RN-Nyaganneftegaz; M. Martynov, Gazpromneft Development;
V. Demin, Gazpromneft-Angara; M. Cherevko, Gazpromneft-Khantos; E. Zarai, TNNTs; D.
Ezersky, E. Karpekin, P. Weinheber, A. Filimonov, S. Novikov, V. Blinov, I.
Mikhaltseva, Schlumberger