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SPE participation:
what is important to know and how to get the most out of it

The SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers hosts a myriad of events
for oil and gas professionals around the world, including in Russia and the Caspian
region. Exhibition is one of the most interesting and popular formats of events. IN
In this article, you will learn how participation in SPE can be beneficial for your company and
how to get the most out of it.

More about the conference

As the saying goes, “It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times,” and participation
in the exhibition
fully confirms this statement. After all, each company seeks to strengthen its
position in the market by forming a positive image of the company, expand the sphere of influence
and stay in the minds of your clients for a long time.

It is participation in the exhibition that brings the best results, gives the greatest effect on promotion
brand, as it allows customers to see and “touch” technologies and technological
solutions of companies live, and not just get acquainted with their description on the pages of magazines.

Participation in the exhibition will help your company:

  • enter new markets: other regions of the country, international market;
  • increase the awareness of your company: brand, product, trade marks and company in
  • increase sales: attract new customers, keep in touch with existing ones;
  • to demonstrate and present a new product, service, technological solution
    direct consumers;
  • exchange experiences with your colleagues, as well as learn about new developments and solutions from your
Russian Oil and Gas Engineering
SPE conference and exhibition
has been held since 2006 and has managed to gain a reputation
a high-tech event that brings together the leading producing and service oil and gas
companies, research institutes and universities. Confirmation of the confidence of specialists in the SPE event was
high attendance of the exhibition and participation of delegates in the conference. Evidence of this
here is a summary of the 2014 event:
  • Total number of visitors – 3300
  • More than 500 conference delegates
  • Representatives of 40 countries of the world
  • More than 80 exhibitors from leading companies in the industry

Every year innovative developments, technologies and solutions are demonstrated at the exhibition
companies, new needs of operators are being discussed, which in turn stimulates
service companies to develop existing technologies and generate

The SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Show is an event that allows
In a friendly atmosphere, both sides can discuss the tasks and their possible solutions.

This year’s exhibition also promises to bring together the largest industry representatives. Your participation
confirmed by companies such as Tatneft , KCA Deutag , Frank’s International , < a href = “#”> NewTech Services , Roxar , Rock Flow Dynamics and others. You are welcome and
your company to take part in the Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference and
exhibition. Details of participation and prices can be found on the event website.

In order to book an exhibition space, Vym needs to familiarize yourself with the exhibition plan , choose the location of the future stand on the plan,
which will help to present your company in the most advantageous position. Then
fill out a special booking form and send it to Maria Tishkova by
address .

Preparation for the exhibition. How to make your participation as effective as possible

  • First of all, you need to think about the exhibition stand. You must choose the location of your
    stand and its footage. Then it is important to decide on the type of stand – it will be an exclusive stand
    or standard.
  • It should be noted here that at the Russian Oil and Gas Technical Conference and Exhibition
    SPE standard stands will advantageously differ from simple inconspicuous boxes,
    usually used for standard building at other similar events.

Below (Fig. 1) is a variant of how a standard stand might look like in its simplest design (a) and using design solutions (b).

Fig. 1 Typical stand layout at the Russian Petroleum Technology Conference and SPE Exhibition
Your next step should be developing advertising
, during which you invite potential visitors: organize a newsletter
news and announcements, agree with the media on coverage of your company’s participation in the exhibition,
prepare the necessary printed (promotional and informational materials) and
souvenir products.

An extremely important step in organizing participation in the exhibition is the selection and training of personnel,
which will work at the stand. They should be open and sociable people,
owning all the information about the services and products of the company.

По вопросам участия в мероприятии, пожалуйста, обращайтесь к Марии Тишковой по почте или телефону +7 (495) 268 04 54.