SPE is an irreplaceable resource and source of technical knowledge for any oil and gas professional.

As an SPE member, you will gain access to an extensive knowledge base and development resources,
professional and leadership skills, peer and community recognition, and opportunities to expand your network.

SPE is a place for all of today’s industry professionals, regardless of experience or course of study.
Although engineers are the core of SPE’s membership, scientists, managers, and other professionals
in the industry are a part of our SPE community as well.

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SPE offers a wide range of online educational resources, including on demand webinars, online training courses, educational videos and many more. Most of SPE’s online educational resources are free of charge for SPE members. All free resources are sponsored by the SPE Foundation.

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SPE Live gives access to the latest news and the latest developments to help you adapt to the new normality, inspire you for new ideas and provide opportunities for growth. We deliver information in a virtual format directly to your home or office at no cost thanks to the SPE Foundation.

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Explore the latest SPE Podcasts featuring interviews with industry experts on technical topics and career advice, messages from the SPE President, stories about our industry’s contributions to societies around the world, sustainability and more.

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This is where SPE members can virtually communicate, exchange knowledge, and collaborate with other members from around the world.

Conference and Workshop Discounts

SPE members get registration discounts to hundreds of conferences, workshops, and courses every year. That means direct access to innovative technologies, technical knowledge, and interaction with colleagues to help you advance your professional development.

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SPE Section Meetings

The SPE has 200+ Sections composed of SPE Members residing in a given
region. SPE Sections hold regular free for members meetings that will benefit everyone industry professionals, as it allows you to strengthen connections with colleagues and share technical information.

Books and Magazines

As an SPE member, you will receive a discount on all books in the SPE Bookstore, including eBooks. In addition, you will receive free subscriptions to the leading SPE journal, JPT (Journal of Petroleum Technology) and JPT e-mail newsletter, as well as discounts on subscriptions for SPE peer-reviewed journals.

Access papers and publications at reduced prices on OnePetro, one of the largest industry technical online libraries, with 180,000+ articles from a variety of professional communities. You also have the opportunity to publish a technical article in a journal or present it at a conference and share your knowledge with colleagues.

Career Advancement

Learn about volunteer and leadership development opportunities that can help you build relationships with colleagues around the world and contribute to the industry.

We also invite you to take advantage of the SPE Competency Management Tool, a free resource available to SPE members only, to help professionals assess their expertise for future career development.

SPE offers professionals access to an extensive knowledge base and career development opportunities.

When you join SPE, you can not only participate in special events, present your papers at any SPE event and access SPE resources, but also contribute to the development of the industry, as well as gain well-deserved peer recognition through:

  • Presentations for professionals and students
  • eMentoring program support
  • Participation in event program committees and student contests jury
  • Opportunities to be nominated for SPE awards and nominate colleagues for their achievements
SPE offers professionals access to an extensive knowledge base and career development opportunities.
SPE support will give your company a range of opportunities to develop and strengthen its market position.
SPE support will give your company a range of opportunities to develop and strengthen its market position.

By participating in SPE activities, your company will be able to access unique and
valuable tools to help you increase your brand awareness through
sponsoring events and qualifying your staff through SPE resources, and
will become a platform for the development of the company – you can:

  • Be the first to learn about global trends in the oil and gas industry
  • Recruit qualified and promising employees
  • Build strong relationships with contractors and / or customers
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