Professional Sections
Currently, there are 26 SPE Professional Sections in Russia and the Caspian region, whose members have the opportunity to:
  • Attend SPE events on special terms
  • Get a free subscription for JPT (Journal of Petroleum Technologies)
  • Access to SPE publications and resources
  • Get access to publications in the OnePetro® electronic library on special rates and many more.
  • Exchange knowledge and experience in the field of development and production
  • Organize your own events, bringing together experts in your region
  • Attend SPE events and get registration discounts
  • Enjoy SPE resources and publications and many other benefits

All benefits for professional members

Upon your request:
  • You may change the default SPE Section you’ve been assigned to on SPEorg at any time.
  • You may belong to one or more additional SPE Sections.
Section Officers Resource Center

Here you will find all the information you need to know to competently manage your section, as well as the necessary forms and resources.

Go to Section Officers Resource Center

List of SPE Professional Sections
Establish a Section

Didn’t find a professional section in your city? Find out how to open the section yourself! How to open the professional SPE section

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