17 November, 2021
2 weeks
SPE Regional Student Development Summit

The SPE Regional Student Development Summit was hosted online alongside the SPE Annual Caspian Technical Conference on 8-9 October 2021. The entire event was hosted in English.

2-days online event gathered 50 people across the region. 39 students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan participated in the event.

The main topic of the Summit was energy transition and sustainability.

The first day was hinged on industry and company transition. Johanna Dunlop, founder and 2019-2021 Chair SPE Gaia Sustainability Program, opened the day with a Global outlook of industry trends and provided students with a Gaia program overview. Outlooks session was continued by regional overviews: Tatyana Mitrova, Research Director in Energy Center at SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management gave updates on the energy sector in Russia, Yerlik Karazhan, Founder and lecturer at KEN Sky initiated the discussion about energy future in Kazakhstan and Farida Ismayilova, Drilling Geohazards Specialist at BP together with Aleksandra Khramtseva, Well Integrity Discipline Leader at Baker Hughes closed the session with Azerbaijan industry overview.

Sessions continued after lunch with a presentation from Nora Callander, Leader Sustainability and Climate Communications at Equinor provided participants with main highlights in company transition. Also, Nora hosted a game: students were spat groups (stakeholders, society, government and others) and should provide their expectations from company transition.

The first day was accomplished with the Energy Choices game. The game represented a simple “simulation” of an energy system where each team was representing a random company with a various number of energy assets and a secured budget. The aim was to produce more energy at a lower cost and to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible. All the teams succeed in the game and many interesting discussions took place afterwards.

The next day was focused on sustainability in life as well as at the workplace. All committee members together provided students with the role of sustainable development not only in the oil and gas industry but in daily life: fashion, agriculture, transport, technology and workplace are the areas where everyone could provide their own input for sustainability. Joschka Röth, Project Manager at GEO-data and SPE Gaia Liaison – Europe joined the discussion and provided attendees with a regional outlook and main concerns which people are focusing on a daily basis once they choose a sustainable path.

Then Marcin Nazaruk, Human Performance and Culture Leader at Baker Hughes and SPE Human Factors Technical Section Chairperson gave an amazing presentation about Human factors – what are they and how they affect everything we do no matter where – at home or at work.

Closing sessions were focused on education in renewables as a current educational trend for the young generation. Committee members provided students with an overview of education in Europe and Russia, shared some insights about education in Kazakhstan and highlighted some opportunities in Azerbaijan.

Closing remarks from committee members were completed with positive feedback from participants.

SPE would like to thank Sponsors, Committee members and Speakers for making this event happen.