10 June, 2021
8 months
SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference Agenda is Available Online

Learn about Prospects for Hydrocarbon Energy and Transition to Renewable Energy Sources

Alexander Shandrygin, Gazprom VNIIGAZ, has been announced as the plenary speaker, along with an unrivalled technical programme from experts and leaders from NOCs and IOCs. He will open the Plenary Session on Prospects for Hydrocarbon Energy and Transition to Renewable Energy Sources with his presentation: ‘It is Too Early to Talk About the Decline of the Hydrocarbon Era.’

Plenary Session  |  Tuesday, 12 October |  0930–1150

Join our renowned international leaders’ plenary session where we will discuss the existing technologies to produce “green” energy, current dynamics and plans for the development of “green” energy, as well as the needs of mankind for the energy.

Alexander Shandrygin Gazprom VNIIGAZ
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At these special events you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the results of the expert group works and ask questions during Q&A session.

Danis Maganov Konstantin Sobornov

Digitalisation opens the door to the potential use of machine learning and artificial intelligence – a data-driven environment that can identify patterns and give dynamic insights to the complex relationships which exist in real time production >

This lecture covers the cyclic evolution and the primary drivers of petroleum exploration in Russia. The lecturer will characterise the essential elements of periods of successful development of the resource base of oil and gas production and will describe the recent state of petroleum exploration in the context of the world’s trends …>
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