21 October, 2021
1 month
SPE Atyrau-Kazakhstan Section Icebreaker Event on 14 October 2021

On Thursday, 14 October, the SPE Atyrau-Kazakhstan Section hosted an event for the local SPE Student Chapters. The “Icebreaker” event became a long-awaited event for everyone, as it was the first offline event after a long time due to quarantine conditions.

The main goal of the event was to familiarise students with the SPE activities, with the structure of the organisation, also share plans for the year. The event contributed to strengthening the relationship between professionals and students.

During the event, professionals shared their knowledge and their own experience with students. Chairman of the SPE Atyrau-Kazakhstan Section Karsybayeva Bagilya made a presentation where she introduced students to the activities of the organisation, told them about the mission and benefits of SPE.

In the middle of the event, a buffet was organised for all the guests present. Then an interactive question-answer discussion between professionals and students took place, where students had the opportunity to ask their questions of interest. During the discussion, a lot of questions were asked about the difficulties that may arise in the life of the student chapters and the ways to solve them. At the end of the discussion, students with interesting questions received small prizes from the organisers.

In general, the event was interesting and atmospheric, the invited guests left in a great mood and with new discoveries about the SPE organisation.

SPE Atyrau Section News October 21.10.2021