17 August, 2021
2 months
LUKOIL Became the 2021 SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference Sponsor

LUKOIL* will be the Socially Responsible  Sponsor of the 2021 SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference that will take place on 12-15 October 2021 in a virtual format.

We express our deep gratitude to LUKOIL for their support of the conference and SPE activities!

*LUKOIL is one of the largest international private vertically-integrated oil and gas companies, accounting for over 2% of global oil production and about 1% of proved hydrocarbon reserves.
With exploration, production and marketing of oil, gas, petroleum and petrochemical products being LUKOIL Group’s core businesses, the company plays a key role on Russia’s fuel and energy market. One of the largest taxpayers in this country, LUKOIL produces and refines 15% of oil in Russia.

Operating in six federal districts (64 regions) of the Russian Federation and over thirty countries worldwide, LUKOIL is continuously expanding its geographic presence.
The company makes significant investments in environmental protection every year. LUKOIL has always been an active sponsor and donator, supporting various socially significant projects and initiatives in the regions where it operates. Learn more at www.lukoil.com/.