SPE Regional News

— 07 October 2015

2015 SPE President Helge Haldorsen Video Message

Please view a video message from Helge Haldorsen to SPE members and industry specialists.

— 29 September 2015

SPE Moscow Section Monthly Meeting on 6 October 2015

On 6 October Iskander Diyashev will present his report on 'The worls without oil' topic at a monthly SPE Moscow section meeting.

— 18 September 2015

MSU SPE Student Chapter at EAGE/ SPE EUROPEC Conference in Madrid

Moscow State University SPE student chapter attended SPE EUROPEC conference in Madrid.

— 15 September 2015

SPE Tyumen Section Regional Lectureres Programme

The lecture "SciencEngineering in Oil Fields Development: Application of Analytical Methods" is shifted from 17 September 2015 to another day, the exact date will be announced later.

— 10 September 2015

Oilman Day Party in Astana

On 5 September SPE Astana Section organized Oilman Day Party in Astana.

— 09 September 2015

NSU Student Geophysical Camp "In the Pursuit of the Scythians"

This summer geophysics students from NSU and other high schools of the Russian Federation, Europe and Asia conducted a study of archaeological sites of the valley of the Katun River.

— 08 September 2015

SPE Samara Section Field Trip

SPE Samara section held a field trip to the Sea of Okhotsk coast on June 25-26, 2015.

— 04 September 2015

SPE Tyumen Section Scholarship 2015-2016

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of the SPE Tyumen Section Scholarship 2015-2016 programme!

— 04 September 2015

SPE Moscow Section Monthly Meeting on 8 September 2015

8 September 2015 Xiao-Hui Wu will present his report 'How to Predict Reservoir Performance with Subsurface Uncertainty at Multiple Scales?'

— 03 September 2015

SPE Russia and Caspian Congratulates New Student Chapters

SPE welcomes two new Student Chapters in Sakhalin (est. June 2015) and Arkhangelsk (est. July 2015)!