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Do you want to know how to make the Most of Your SPE Membership?

Download this Brochure and find it out! (in Russian language)

Get acquainted with SPE Volunteer Program - Download the Brochure (in Russian language)

OnePetro is a unique library of technical documents and journal articles. If you want to know more - Download the Brochure (in Russian language)

Part of SPE's mission is to assist members in furthering their technical and professional competence. SPE offers an opportunity to demonstrate technical knowledge through certification. Download the Brochure (in Russian) and find out more about SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification.

Nurturing tomorrow's professionals is one of key goals of SPE. We are committed to developing and supporting students pursuing careers related to oil and gas industry. Learn about the opportunities for students - download the Brochure (in Russian).

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In 2015 the SPE Russia and Caspian region launched the Regional Lecturers programme to support its small sections and chapters and help them to disseminate and exchange technical knowledge between industry professionals. Download Regional Lecturers Programme brochure (in Russian).

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SPE publishes articles, magazines and books that cover all aspects of the upstream oil and gas industry. Download the Publications brochure (in Russian).

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The Ambassador Lecturer Program (ALP) is designed for SPE Young Professionals to share their career development in the industry with students at secondary schools and universities. Download ALP brochure (in Russian).

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SPE recognizes its members giving them awards and grants. Download SPE grants and awards brochure (in Russian).

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The first online wiki for oil and gas industry specialists - PetroWiki! Download PetroWiki card (in Russsian).