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OnePetro Technical Articles Overview in Russian

SPE and Oilfield Engineering Magazine have published review of OnePetro articles presented at the IADC/SPE Drilling Conference and Exhibition. The selected articles are of most interest for Russian experts. They included such relevant topics as drilling fluids, vertical and directional wells, properties measurements, managed pressure drilling, cementing, drilling wastes utilization, etc. The full texts of articles you may find in e-library OnePetro.

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TOP 15 articles in Russian in OnePetro

There were 25,000 SPE articles in Russian downloaded from OnePetro in 2014. Please see below top 15 articles with links to abstracts (in English) published at

Name in Russian
Name in Englisg
Метод определения оптимальных параметров системы разработки газонефтяных зон нефтяных оторочек
A Method To Determine Optimum Well Spacing for Oil Rims Gas-Oil Zones 
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Применение новых технологий при решении практических задач разведки и эксплуатации месторождений углеводородов в Российском секторе Каспийского моря
New Technologies Application To Solve Practical Challenges in Exploration and Development of HC in the Russian Sector of Caspian Sea
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Выбор и опробование способов механизированной добычи высоковязкой нефти в условиях пескопроявления
Artificial Lift Practice for Heavy Oil Production with Sand Control
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Подходы к разработке нефтегазовых месторождений высоковязкой нефти в арктических условиях на примере Русского месторождения
Approaches to Development of High-Viscosity Oil Fields in Arctic Conditions using the Example of the Russkoe Field
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Оценка факторов, влияющих на разработку нефтяных оторочек
Peculiarities of Thin Oil Rim Development
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Улучшенный водный Конинг Расчет для горизонтальных скважин
An Improved Water Coning Calculation for Horizontal Wells
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Первое применения на действующем фонде скважин технологии ГРП с созданием каналов увеличило добычу на Таллинском месторождении в Западной Сибири
First Channel Fracturing Applied in Mature Wells Increases Production from Talinskoe Oilfield in Western Siberia
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Моделирование продуктивного коллектора для определения параметров двойной пористости, Тенгизское месторождение, Республика Казахстан
Reservoir Modeling to Characterize Dual Porosity, Tengiz Field, Republic Of Kazakhstan
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Проект закачки сырого газа на месторождение Тенгиз
Tengiz Sour Gas Injection Project 
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Емкостные свойства пород баженовской свиты
Reservoir Properties of the Bazhenov Formation
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Оптимизация работы ЭЦН на Харьягинском промысле
Optimizing ESP Performance in the Kharyaga Field 
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Опыт ввода в разработку крупнейшего нефтегазоконденсатного месторождения в новом регионе присутствия
Development History Case of a Major Oil-Gas-Condensate Field in a New Province
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Эволюция гидравлического разрыва в России
Evolution of Hydraulic Fracturing in Russia 
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Предпосылки геомеханической концепции образования естественных и искусственных трещин в Баженовских и Тюменских пластах на примере Ем-Еговского месторождения Красноленинского свода Западной Сибири
Assessment of Geomechanical Concept for Natural and Manmade Fractures in Bazhenov and Tyumenskoe Formations Using an Example of Study in Em- Yoga Field Krasnoleninsky Arch West Siberia
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Химико-аналитическая работа в поддержку проекта повышения нефтеотдачи (ASP) на Западно-Салымском месторождении
Chemical and Analytical Work in Support of West Salym Field Enhanced Oil Recovery Project (ASP)
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Top 50 SPE downloads for 2013
TITLESPE Manuscript Number
Flow Units: From Conventional to Tight Gas to Shale Gas to Tight Oil to Shale Oil ReservoirsSPE-165360-MS
Resource Evaluation for Shale Gas ReservoirsSPE-152066-PA
Thirty Years of Gas Shale Fracturing: What Have We Learned?SPE-133456-MS
Unconventional Reservoirs: Basic Petrophysical Concepts for Shale GasSPE-153004-MS
On Simulation of Flow in Tight and Shale Gas ReservoirsSPE-163990-MS
Hydraulic Fracturing 101: What Every Representative, Environmentalist, Regulator, Reporter, Investor, University Researcher, Neighbor and Engineer Should Know About Estimating Frac Risk and Improving Frac Performance in Unconventional Gas and Oil WellsSPE-152596-MS
Comparisons and Contrasts of Shale Gas and Tight Gas Developments, North American Experience and TrendsSPE-160855-MS
A Review of Water Shutoff Treatment Strategies in Oil FieldsSPE-136969-MS
A Pore Scale Gas Flow Model for Shale Gas ReservoirSPE-155756-MS
Integration of Fracture, Reservoir, and Geomechanics Modeling for Shale Gas Reservoir DevelopmentSPE-164018-MS
EOR: Current Status and OpportunitiesSPE-130113-MS
From Oil-Prone Source Rock to Gas-Producing Shale Reservoir - Geologic and Petrophysical Characterization of Unconventional Shale Gas ReservoirsSPE-131350-MS
Hydraulic Fracturing Design and Optimization: A Modification to Zipper FracSPE-159786-MS
Production Decline and Numerical Simulation Model Analysis of the Eagle Ford Shale PlaySPE-165315-MS
EOR Screening Criteria Revisited - Part 1: Introduction to Screening Criteria and Enhanced Recovery Field ProjectsSPE-35385-MS
Applications of Nanotechnology in the Oil & Gas industry: Latest Trends Worldwide & Future Challenges in EgyptSPE-164716-MS
Petrophysical Considerations in Evaluating and Producing Shale Gas ResourcesSPE-131768-MS
The Effect of Fracture-Face Matrix Damage on Productivity of Fractures With Infinite and Finite Conductivities in Shale-Gas ReservoirsSPE-143304-PA
Optimization of Multiple Transverse Hydraulic Fractures in Horizontal WellboresSPE-131732-MS
A Practical Use of Shale Petrophysics for Stimulation Design Optimization: All Shale Plays Are Not Clones of the Barnett ShaleSPE-115258-MS
Simulation of Gas Desorption and Geomechanics Effects for Unconventional Gas ReservoirsSPE-165377-MS
The Behavior of Naturally Fractured ReservoirsSPE-426-PA
Optimum Fluid and Proppant Selection for Hydraulic Fracturing in Shale Gas Reservoirs: a Parametric Study Based on Fracturing-to-Production Simulations.SPE-163876-MS
Production Analysis of Tight-Gas and Shale-Gas Reservoirs Using the Dynamic-Slippage ConceptSPE-144317-PA
Analysis of Mechanisms of Flow in Fractured Tight-Gas and Shale-Gas ReservoirsSPE-139250-MS
Production Forecasting of Hydraulically Fractured Conventional Low-Permeability and Unconventional Reservoirs Linking the More Detailed Fracture and Reservoir ParametersSPE-163833-MS
Gas Permeability of ShaleSPE-146944-PA
Modeling of Hydraulic-Fracture-Network Propagation in a Naturally Fractured FormationSPE-140253-PA
Modeling of Interaction of Hydraulic Fractures in Complex Fracture NetworksSPE-152052-MS
Recent Developments and Updated Screening Criteria of Enhanced Oil Recovery TechniquesSPE-130726-MS
Coalbed Methane: Current Evaluation Methods, Future Technical ChallengesSPE-131791-MS
A Review of Recent Developments and Challenges in Shale Gas RecoverySPE-160869-MS
Hydraulic Fracturing Critical Design Parameters in Unconventional ReservoirsSPE-164043-MS
Shale Gas-in-Place Calculations Part I: New Pore-Scale ConsiderationsSPE-131772-PA
Reservoir Modeling in Shale-Gas ReservoirsSPE-125530-PA
Micro-Structural Studies of Gas ShalesSPE-131771-MS
Shale Gas Predictive Model (SGPM)--An Alternate Approach To Model Shale Gas ProductionSPE-148491-MS
Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing Tactics in Unconventional ReservoirsSPE-163863-MS
Well Production Performance Analysis for Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoirs: A Conventional ApproachSPE-162749-MS
Optimizing Fracture Spacing to Induce Complex Fractures in a Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal WellboreSPE-154930-MS
Comparison of Various Deterministic Forecasting Techniques in Shale Gas ReservoirsSPE-163870-MS
Reservoir Engineering for Unconventional Reservoirs: What Do We Have to Consider?SPE-145080-MS
Characterizing Hydraulic Fractures in Shale Gas Reservoirs Using Transient Pressure TestsSPE-163819-MS
Prediction Of SRV And Optimization Of Fracturing In Tight Gas And Shale Using a Fully Elasto-plastic Coupled Geomechanical ModelSPE-163814-MS
Improved Petrophysical Core Measurements on Tight Shale Reservoirs Using Retort and Crushed SamplesSPE-147456-MS
Optimization of Multiple Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Gas ReservoirsSPE-164509-MS
Pressure-Dependent Natural-Fracture Permeability in Shale and Its Effect on Shale-Gas Well ProductionSPE-159801-PA
Bubble Point Pressure CorrelationSPE-000957-G
Variable Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV) Simulation: Eagle Ford Shale Case StudySPE-164546-MS