SPE fully realizes the need of the industry in the emerging generation: young and talented students, including graduates and undergraduates. Therefore, Society has created the separate membership type with many benefits and opportunities for for potential future professionals.Student Chapters1 - Copy.jpg

Taking advantage of these opportunities you will gain knowledge, enhance your skills, find out more about the latest technologies, take part in technical discussions and meet very interesting people and possible employers. All these will help you to build a successful career in oil and gas industry.


Student Member Benefits

Networking with practicing industry professionals at local section meetings, or Society events and affiliate with one of more than 300 Student Chapters.


Receive discounts on textbooks, reference books, and other Society publications

Student practice database project - application submission is closed till October 2016.

Reduced rates for SPE Papers on OnePetro, the largest online industry library, are available for you.

SPE Scholarships - SPE allots more than one million US dollars to support the students and undergraduates education. You may apply for a number of SPE scholarships

плей.png For STAR Scholarship please click here.

Participate in various SPE programs: eMentoring, online communities and paper contests


Chevron_135x75.jpg    Chevron is the corporate sponsor of the SPE Student Dues Program. Therefore, your student dues may be funded through Chevron. It concerns only online aplication.

logo voskl.png Requirements

Must be enrolled in a university and carry at least 30% of a normal full-time academic load

• Must have a concentration in petroleum or a related field
• And at least one of the following:

° Be pursuing the equivalent to a bachelors or graduate degree
° Attend an university with an SPE established student chapter

SPE will contact your student chapter faculty sponsor to verify enrollment or request a copy of your current transcript or proof of enrollment.