All SPE professional members must be aware of SPE Code of Professional Conduct

Requirements for Professional and Young Professional Members:

Must be employed in field related to the petroleum industry AND have at least one of the following:

  • A university degree equivalent to a 4-year bachelor's degree in engineering or basic or applied sciences
  • A 2-year science or engineering degree or a 4-year degree in a field other than science or engineering
  • 6 years of active practice in support of petroleum engineering or in the application of science to the petroleum industry

Benefits for Professional Members

Monthly subscription to JPT Journal

Local Section meetings

SPE 200+ self-governing Sections, or local affiliates, made up of members residing in a specific geographic area. SPE sections hold meetings on a regular basis. Attending these meets would allow you to network with local industry professionals and exchange technical information.

Reduced rates on SPE technical resources:

• SPE peer-reviewed journals & magazines

• SPE Bookstore

• OnePetro - the unique online technical library. SPE members receive a discount on SPE papers available on OnePetro.


The first wiki providing information & resources about the upstream oil & gas industry.


SPE holds many events for you to share and receive technical information useful for your career and personal enhancement. The events include:

Distinguished Lecturer (DL) Presentations

Each year the best professionals offer their presentations in different countries.

Career recognition through SPE Awards and SPE Certification Program:


Using all the opportunities offered by SPE you may communicate with your peers, establish new contacts, share technical information and acquire new skills and knowledge.

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