Digitalisation in Exploration and Production during Isolation

25–26 June 2020 | Virtual


2020 made everyone to accelerate the use of digital technologies. What can and must we start with?

We suggest discussing approaches to this problem in mining and service companies.

We will talk about platform solutions, the possibilities technologies scale up, and integration into solutions  not only wells, but also people and technologies.

We will ask companies to share their opinions on what can be this acceleration lever?

We will cover both production and organizational chains in E&P under isolation, and we will pay attention to discussions, traditionally.

After the workshop,  Program Committee will prepare a summary of lessons learned for each session.

Programme Committee

  • Marat Azamatov, Salym Petroleum Development
  • Evgeniy Belonogov, Gazpromneft STC
  • Timofey Zagurenko, UfaNIPIneft
  • Danil Lebskiy, Schlumberger
  • Andrey Margarit, Gazpromneft STC
  • Sergey Nekhaev, Gazpromneft STC
  • Rinat Habibullin, Gubkin University
  • Diana Shigapova, Roxar
  • Alexey Yazkov, Gazprom Neft

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Technical Sessions

Session 1. Production chain inE&P

Isolation will pass (this is not for sure), but the need for oil production will remain.

What can we learn  at the current stage?

  • Where is the limit of production digitalization - potential, real, absolutely key? How can we approach?
  • If such a crisis returns, what can we do now to get ready? What lessons have been learned? Are plans being changed?

At  field:

  • Can we transfer operations from an object to a remote format?
  • Can we not contact at all? What solution should we apply?
  • If we can't avoid contacts, how should we minimize them? What tools should be applied?
  • If we have to contact, how to manage these contacts and ensure an additional protection?

Examples of technologies:

  • Predictive analytics, functional forecast, monitoring, predictive sensors - to minimize  maintenance);
  • Remote monitoring, including HSE requirements;
  • Remote (intelligent) equipment control;
  • Industry 4.0 tools, predictive tools.

Session 2. Role of digital oilman in new realities

Сurrent situation presented new opportunities for digital oilman. Much has been deployed, much has been learned. At the same time, new risks and challenges have occurred, and we  have to deal with. We will talk about organizational solutions and tools in new conditions, additional opportunities, strengths and challenges for digital oilman today.

In office (now – remotely)

  • AAR: lessons learned. What was required, what was delivered and what can we do better next time?
  • Risks for digital employees - remote work, burnout, short-term and long-term efficiency.
  • How to arrange large events- expertise and geological surveys (withlarge amounts of data?
  • What is remote team management?
  • Time tracking system (to assess the amount of time spent on a particular task).
  • For research centers: servers access, software licenses and a remote restart of models, etc.
  • Is there an increase in efficiency in remote work? How assess it?

Part of staff remotely, part in the office

  • What to keep, , what to drop  when the a part of team works remotely, and another part  works in the office?
  • How to connect digital and real offices?
  • Set of tools for digital office
  • How to benefit from new technologies: clouds, data lakes, machine learning, artificial intelligence, uberization, etc. - does it help or hinder?

Examples of technologies:

  • Secure communication channels, security issues
  • Client-server licenses and solutions
  • Ability to work remotely on a project from different locations (for example, on a geological model)

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