SPE Workshop
Hard-to-Recover Reserves

24-26 April 2018
Minsk, Belarus | DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minsk

The first time workshop in Russia and Caspian region will cover hard-to-recover reserves and the first time SPE workshop will take place in Belarus.



One of the most important innovations of the XXI century in the energy sector is shale oil and gas resources development, world expert Daniel Yergin said. This showed that new technologies could change the balance in global economy and politics.
This reserves category is the most sensitive to technology level and economic factors. This leads to a strong challenge for operating companies to know costs for each barrel, requiring entirely different knowledge level of their development target. For this reason, hard-to-recover reserves result in permanent search of new engineering approaches and technologies and force to build innovative environment.


Session 1. Formation And Localization of Hard-to-Recover Reserves
Session 2. Current Methods of Hard-to-Recover Reserves and Prospecting
Session 3. Effective Technologies for Drilling, Development and Stimulation
Session 4. Unconventional/Tight Reservoirs Development

In addition to the technical sessions, programme committee plans to have a poster session.

Mars Khsasnov, Gazpromneft STC, co-chair
• Alexander Lyakhov, Belorusneft, co-chair
• Leonid Brilliant, TOGI
• Mikhail Danko, TOGI
• Dmitry Dubrovsky, NAEN
• Andrey Kazantsev, PermNIPIneft
• Anton Kasyanenko, Gazpromneft STC
• Azat Lutfullin, Tatneft
• Nadezhda Lyadova, PermNIPIneft
• Nafis Nazimov, Tatneft
• Petr Povzhik, Belorusneft
• Anton Serebrennikov, Belorusneft
• Alexander Timchuk, ZapSibNIIGG
• Mikhail Shaldybin, TomskNIPIneft
• Alexander Sitnikov, Gazpromneft STC
• Alexander Shpilman, Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre
• Vladislav Yatsenko, Rosneft
• Anton Zavyalov, TOGI
• Stanislav Zhdanov, VNIIneft
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If you have any questions please contact:

Submission and Sponsorship Opportunities: Antonina Kozmina,
Registration: Irina Merkul, Ulyana Dmitrieva
T: +7.495.268.04.54