Regional Lecturers Programme

In 2015 the SPE Russia and Caspian region launched the Regional Lecturers programme to support its small sections and chapters and help them to disseminate and exchange technical knowledge between industry professionals.

This programme gives the experts opportunity to deliver their technical presentation and address SPE sections and chapters members. The lecturers may present during a pre-scheduled business trip or a specially organized trip (in that case SPE fully organizes the trip). We need volunteers who are ready to spend some time in our region, and share their knowledge and experience with their SPE colleagues.

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If you have an interesting topic and you would like to share it with your colleagues and students, please let us know by email: or tel +7 495 268 04 54.


Lecturer Company, Job Title Section Topics
John Gallivan SPE Moscow Section Treasurer
Moscow 1. Horizontal wells: planning and production
2. Economics and risk analysis in Petroleum Industry
3. Petroleum reserves estimation
4. Well testing - how it works in Russia
5. Offshore field development
Vladimir Frik SPE Tashkent Section Consultant in  geophysical well logging, till 2014  - Sr.Specialist Oilfield Geophysics, LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company Tashkent 1. Petroleum Geomechanics basis
2. Pore pressure prospecting methods
3. Geological and Petrophysical characterization of shale gas fields
4. Geological and Petrophysical characterization of tight gas fields
5. Sequence stratigraphy basis
Igor Rotkin Chief Technical Specialist in upstream peer review center, Rosneft Tyumen Megaprojects in Petroleum industry: current methods and features
George Buslaev Chairperson of SPE Timan-Pechora Section, Ukhta,
Head of Department of well design, monitoring and supervising
Project Institute of Oil and Gas of USTU
Timan Pechora ERD well construction concept in Russian Arctic
Iskander Diyashev PetroSkills Gulf Coast The world without Oil
Aleksander Brusilovskiy  D.Eng.Sc., Professor
Head of the department on formation fluid properties analysis, Gazpromneft STC
Moscow Constitutive equations: how we should use them for PVT properties of petroleum reservoirs modeling
Aleksander Podnebesnykh Chief project engineer, OILTEAM Research Center n/a 1. Geology simulation basis
2. Geology simulation - advanced
3. How to use SEC и PRMS
4. How to increase reserves estimation quality
Sergey Fedotov Technical Advisor, CGG Geosoftware Moscow Identifying geomechanical parameters using geostatistical modeling controlled by seismic data
Kirill Kazakov Lead engineer at LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering" Moscow Improving WAG efficiency for heterogeneous and low-permeability reservoirs