Submission Information

If you are interested in speaking at the workshop, please send your presentation abstract (350-400 words with the description of nature and scope of work, possible applications, and summary of results or technical contributions) to Antonina Kozmina before 29 March 2019

Abstracts Requirements

The following information is required for each abstract:

• Title in Russian and English languages
• Session name
• Name of the author and the company they are representing
• Name of the co-authors and the company they are representing
• Contact details, including a phone number, address, e-mail address

The abstract should consist of 350 – 400 words, including the short description of:

• the paper’s aim
• the novelty
• possible ways of application
• technologies
• the main results and conclusions

Your abstract will be reviewed by the programme committee to consider its acceptance for the Workshop Program.

The preference will be given to presentations that precisely correspond to the above-listed themes and demonstrate the most illustrative cases providing the combination of experience and innovations, application of 

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