SPE Workshop
Oilfield Geomechanics

27-28 March 2017
Moscow, Russia

The first SPE Workshop on Oilfield Geomechanics gathered together representatives from the following companies: Baker Hughes, Bashneft, Gazpromneft STC, Halliburton, LUKOIL-Engineering, Rosneft, Schlumberger, Tatneft, Wintershalletc, and others.

19 presentations were delivered over 2 days workshop.

The programme committee highlighted as the most relevant and interesting topics:

  • Session 1: Application of geomechanics in reservoir characterization
    • Svetlana Zhigulsky, Gazpromneft STC: Refining the prediction of zones of active fractures based on the tectonic and geomechanical model
  • Session 2: Geomechanical models for field development control and oil recovery improvement
    • Pavel Savchenko, RN-UfaNIPIneft: Selection of candidate wells for refracturing, based on the effect of crack azimuth reorientation: alternative method
  • Session 3: Geomechanics for drilling and completion
    • Anton Ocheretyany, Schlumberger: An integrated approach to the geomechanical support on the early stages of field development
    • Oleg Kalinin, Gazpromneft STC: Implementation of geomechanical model to identify total loss zones

"We all realize that the development of oilfield geomachanics is just in the beginning. Geomechanics is a large synergy of different disciplines and using the information from each of them, whether it is HF, production or drilling, all this gives us an integrated estimation and helps us to capture the whole picture".

Simultaneous translation to English will be provided.


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Programme committee chaired by Nikolay Smirnov, Petro GM, invites you to present at the workshop one of the following topics:

1. Application of Geomechanics in Reservoir Characterization

2. Geomechanical Models for Field Development Control and Oil Recovery Improvement

3. Geomechanics for Drilling and Completion

4. Role of Geomechanics in Tight Reservoirs and Unconventionals

Nikolay Smirnov, PetroGM, Chairman
Irik Fattakhov, Tatneft
Alexander Fyodorov, UfaNIPIneft
Sergey Fedotov, CGG
Oleg Grachev, Schlumberger
Ruslan Khaliulin, SakhalinNIPImorneft
Sergey Lukin, Gazpomneft STC
Dmitry Mett, LUKOIL-Engineering
Irina Morozova, Baker Hughes
Yury Ovcharenko, Gazpomneft STC
Yury Petrakov, Geosteering Technologies
Lenar Sadykov, Schlumberger
Karen Sarkisyants, Surgutneftegas
Olga Tatur, Geosteering Technologies
Dmitry Zadvornov, Schlumberger
Alexandr Zherelyev, Halliburton

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