SPE/EAGE Modeling in Action: Synergy of Practice and Theory Workshop

29-30 March 2016
Moscow, Russian

Programme Committee chaired by Mars Khasanov of Gazpromneft STC, Vitaly Baikov of UfaNIPIneft and Gennady Sarkisov of Roxar has decided to run the fourth SPE/EAGE Modeling in Action: Synergy of Practice and Theory Workshop on 29-30 March 2016 in Moscow

During the two-day workshop 26 presentations were delivered by the speakers from the leading industry companies, including Gazpromneft STC, NOVATEK, Yandex Data Factory, Rosneft and Lukoil, Bashneft, Schlumberger, Beicip – Franlab and others.



This workshop is held in Russian.
Simultaneous translation to English is organized for 5 and more English-speaking delegates.
Please contact us as soon as you are considering participation.

Renaissance Monarch Hotel

Address: 31A bldg., Leningradsky prospekt,
Moscow, Russia

The Programme Committee suggests the following technical sessions:

SESSION 1: Modeling: New approaches and technologies.

SESSION 2: Modeling as a tool to enhance operator’s management and economic efficiency

SESSION 3: Integrated Modeling: from geology to economics.

SESSION 4: Modeling and uncertainty analysis. Quantitative and qualitative risk assessment. 

Vitaly Baykov, UfaNIPIneft, co-chair
• Mars Khasanov, Gazpromneft NTC, co-chair
• Gennady Sarkisov, Roxar, co-chair 
• Salavat Bikbulatov, Rospan International
• Azat Garaev, SamaraNIPIneft
• Andrey Gladkov, Modeling Technologies Center
• Kirill Isakov, Surgutneftegas
• Maxim Komin, Schlumberger
• Anton Muryzhnikov, Rock Flow Dynamics
• Sergey Pylnik, TomskNIPIneft
• Sergey Redikultsev, Rospan International
• Alexey Roshchektaev, Gazpromneft STC
• Mikhail Shaldybin, TomskNIPIneft
• Artem Smirnov, Rospan International
• Sergey Tikhotsky, IPE RAS
• Oleg Ushmaev, Gazpromneft STC
• Alexey Yazkov, NOVATEK STC
• Timofey Zagurenko, Ufa STC

If you have any questions about paper submission or registration, please contact Ulyana Dmitrieva at udmitrieva@spe.org and Antonina Kozmina at akozmina@spe.org, 8(495)268 0454.