Young professionals assemble an active group who are in the transition stage between a promising student and experienced specialist.

The companies support young professionals’ development by encouraging their participation in conferences, competitions and career enhancement training. Spearheaded by the SPE Regional Advisory Committee, SPE traditionally holds a special Young Professionals Technical Session at the conference. The Young Professionals Session is a multidisciplinary oil and gas event for young professionals under 36 to present their achievements at the international conference. 

First- through third-place winners of the final step of internal corporate young professional contests among Russian and Caspian oil and gas and service companies from the 2017–2018 season will speak at this session. 

09:30 - 13:00 Arbat Hall
Young Professionals Session-1
Anton Ablaev, Schlumberger; Dmitry Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Oil and Gas Center

  Innovative Approach to Design of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment in Conditions of Closely Located Contact Water-Saturated Interlayers of the Achimov Strata of the Vostochno-Perevalnoye DepositM. Vilkov, V. Shabelianskii, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft
191730 Numerical Studies of Helium Distribution after Injection in the Gas ReservoirA. Skriabina, VNIPIgazdobycha
191731 Features of the Well Testing and Plt Works During Well Construction from SSDR in Okhotsk SeaA. Magerova, Yu. Semenov, N. Ershov, Gazprom Dobycha Shelf Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
191733 Increasing of Operation Efficiency of Low Pressure Gas Wells by Using of Gas-Jet Device’sA. Federov, A. Ibatulin, RN-Purneftegaz
 BREAK (10 minutes)
191734 Short-Time Periodical Well Operation in LLC LUKOIL-West Siberia Fields. Implementation Experience and Prospects for DevelopmentA. Abdullin, I. Abdulin, Ye. Sokolyanskaya, LUKOIL-Engineering KogalymNIPIneft
191735 Reservoir Properties Distribution Forecast in a Complex Carbonate Reservoir and Drilling Risk EvaluationN. Churanova, M. Khayrullin, A. Chorniy, A. Solovyev, VNIIneft; S. Kurelenkov, RUSVIETPETRO
191736 Results of the Integrated Analysis of Discovering Undeveloped Reservoirs on the Mature Fields and Future PerspectivesA. Bashirov, RN-Krasnodarneftegaz
191737 Determination of the Optimal Wells Commissioning Rate at the Gas Condensate FieldA. Trifonov, ROSPAN INTERNATIONAL
14:15 - 17:55 Arbat Hall
Young Professionals Session-2
Marat Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University; Kirill Ovchinnikov, GEOSPLIT

191740 To Modeling of Dual-Porosity ReservoirsT. Lugumanov, RN-UfaNIPIneft
191741 Design and Development of Relational Geospatial Database Aimed at Gathering and Systematization of Wide Range of Geological and Geophysical DataA. Kolmakov, A. Kilyakov, LUKOIL-Engineering
191742 Methanol Delivery Recycle Systems Development at Complex Gas Treatment Unit of Achimov Deposits of Urengoyskoe Oil and Gas-Condensate FieldA. Kagarmanov, A. Koryakin, Gazprom Dobycha Urengoy; A. Ermolaev, Gubkin Russian State Univerity of Oil and Gas
191743 Development of All-Oil Drilling Fluid for Core Sampling with Natural Fluid Saturation Saving in the Timan-Pechora Oil-and-Gas ProvinceI. Borovkova, S. Kharin, V. Malikov, I. Nekrasova, P. Khvoschin, O. Garshina, D. Kazakov, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft
 COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191745 Digital Integrated Modeling for Waterflooding ManagementM. Rechkin, K. Povyshev, R. Valiev, Gazpromneft STC
191746 Testing the Method for Diagnosis of Gas Turbine Engines Condition Using Optical Emission Spectrometry of Lubricating OilE. Markina, M. Mariasov, Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg
191747 The Individual Certified Flowmeter of Liquid in the WellS. Ulyanov, R. Sagyndykov, D. Davydov, V. Dolinyuk, G. Gilaev, S. Nosov, Samaraneftegaz; A. Totanov, Samara Branch of the RN-Remont NPO; A. Ilyin, Elekton