0930-1300 Sokolniki 1 Hall
Technical Session 9 Oilfield Development-1
Session Moderators:
Stanislav Buchinsky, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
Boris Lukin, Total
191569 Experience in Implementation of Polymer Flooding on East Messoyakhskoye Oil Field E. Zagrebelnyy, Gazprom Neft Badra; N. Glushenko, V. Komarov, G. Nemirovich, I. Ilyasov, Messoyahaneftegaz; D. Sugaipov, O. Ushmaev, Gazpromneft-Development;  R. Iskhakov, N. Pleshanov, Gazpromneft STC
191570 Challenges in the Development of Saline Terrigenous Reservoirs of Eastern Siberia Field A. Levanov, N. Ignatyev, E. Ostyakov, I. Vinogradov, E. Busuek, A. Cherepkova, S. Yaschenko, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Semenov, P. Nesterov, R. Musin, I. Dolgov, A. Komarov, A. Chirgun, Verkhnechonskneftegaz
191575 The Controlling Conditions of Optimal Near-Miscible Flooding by Impure CO2 in Low Permeability Offshore Oilfield X. Zhang, B. Li, CNOOC Research Institute; L. Duan, M. Golovchenko, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
191576 Miscible Displacement as an Approach to Increase the Development Efficiency of the Remote Oil Fields I. Mukhametzyanov, M. Vershinina, N. Glavnov, A. Penigin, A. Betekhtin, Gazpromneft STC; R. Gareev, A. Popov, Gazpromneft-Noyabrskneftegaz
BREAK (10 minutes)
191577 Building of Effective Control and Management System for Injection Horizontal Wells during Waterflooding R. Galeev, R. Rybakov, I. Kayeshkov, A. Yakovlev, I. Fayzullin, S. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC; A. Sagirov, R. Feoktistov, Gazpromneft-Orenburg; A. Suleymanov, Gazpromneft-NNG
191578 Pore-Scale Imaging to Investigate Wettability and Recovery Mechanism for Surfactant/Polymer Flooding  M. Ahmed, A. Sultan, H. Al-Hashim, S. Hussaini, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; A. Al-Sofi, EXPEC ARC, Saudi Aramco
191579 Sweep Efficiency Increasing of Fractured Oil-Wet Reservoirs: Case Study of Central Khoreyver Uplift Fields A. Chorniy, A. Soloviev, N. Churanova, M. Khairullin, E. Sadreev, A. Yushmanov, VNIIneft; E. Yudin, Zarubezhneft
191580 Cost-Engineering Waterflooding Management Methods M. Naugolnov, N. Teplyakov, M. Bolshakov, Gazpromneft STC
0930-1300 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Technical Session 10 Well Construction – Drilling and Completion-1
Session Moderators:
Andrey Kharitonov, Halliburton
Andrey Kravchenko, Baker Hughes
191503 The First Experience of Formate Based Drilling Fluids Application in Russia P. Ryabtsev, A. Korolev, AKROS; A. Khomutov, Gazrpomneft STC
191506 First Application of Fiber Based LCM in Srednebotuobinskoe Oilfield, Russia  N. Silko, A. Belyakov, I. Shirokov, M. Panov, Schlumberger
191507 Foam Cementing in the Volga-Ural Region: Case Study A. Fomenkov, I. Pinigin, V. Zyryanov, Halliburton; A. Fedyanin, Orenburgneft
191508 Challenges of Cementing Steam Injection Wells (SAGD) A. Figilyantov, O. Garshina, O. Chugaeva, G. Okromelidze, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft
BREAK (10 minutes)
191509 Research and Development of the Lightweight Corrosion-Resistant Cement Blend for Well Cementing in Complex Geological Conditions S. Kamenskih, N. Ulyasheva, G. Buslaev, A. Voronik, Ukhta State Technical University; N. Rudnitsky, Usinskgeoneft
191510 High-Performance Inhibitive Water-Base Fluid System for Drilling Challenging Wells S. Ignatyev, D. Voitenko, Schlumberger
191528 Innovative Solution for Fluid Loss in Sub-Hydrostatic Wells During Workover Operation - Case Study from Kuwait M. Hassan, A. Nour, Th. Al-Yaqout, Ch. Agarwal, S. AL-Mejmed, F. AL-Saleh, Yo. AL-Shammari, F. AL-Hazeem, M. AL-Khatrash, E. Safar, Kuwait Oil Company; A. Hassan, EPTC 
0930-1300 Krymsky Val Hall
Technical Session 11 Geomechanics
Session Moderators:
Nikolay Smirnov, PetroGM
Yury Petrakov, Geosteering Technologies
191625 Determination of the Optimal Bottomhole Pressure in order to Reduce the Removal of the Solid Phase in the Weakly Consolidated Reservoir   I. Chebyshev, A. Shapovalova, S. Zhigulskiy, S. Lukin, Gazpromneft STC
191627 The Analysis of Critically Stressed Fractures with Reconstruction of Tectonic Stresses for Ranging the Area by Production Rates via Example of Riphean Carbonate Fractured Reservoir S. Zhigulskiy, A. Rotaru, V. Kurbanov, Gazpromneft STC; D. Zadvornov, D. Maximov, A. Eremeev, P. Ryzhikov, Schlumberger
191628 Assessment of a Barrier Integrity Violation Risk Using an Integrated 4D Reservoir Geomechanics Study L. Sadykov, E. Korelskiy, A. Samokhvalov, A. Kostina, E. Mamedov, E. Khromova, A. Zhelezova, Schlumberger; S. Shtun, A. Alexeev, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
191629 Assessment of Reactivated Natural Fractures Influence on Overall SRV During Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing A. Gula, A. Bochkarev, A. Vishnivetskiy, R. Nikitin, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; D. Alchibaev, Yu. Ovcharenko, Gazpromneft STC
BREAK (10 minutes)
191630 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Fracture Toughness Effect on Hydraulic Fracture’s Geometry N. Dubinya, I. Fokin, IPE RAS; Yu. Golovin, A. Samodurov, A. Tyurin, Center of Nanotechnology, Derzhavin Tambov State University; E. Zenchenko, S. Turuntaev, IDG RAS; M. Trimonova, IDG RAS, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS
191631 Fully Coupled Geomechanics Approach to Determine Critical Wellbore Intervals K. Bogachev, E. Piskovskiy, G. Pyatskiy, V. Shelkov, Rock Flow Dynamics
191632 The Strategic and Tactical Value of Geomechanics for Drilling Operational Excellence of ERD Well in Uzen Field K. Chettykbaeva, Yu. Petrakov, O. Tatur, A. Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; A. Zozulya, V. Kalinin, M. Miletsky, Volga Gas
191634 Application of the Inversion Stress Model for Estimating the Parameters of Fault Tectonics A. Sidelnik, S. Lukin, Gazpromneft STC
0930-1300 Okhotny Ryad Hall
Technical Session 12 Field Geology and Geophysics-2
Session Moderators:
Dmitry Korost, Lomonosov MSU, Oil and Gas Center
Mikhail Popov, Halliburton
191670 Non-Seismic Methods Development at Gazprom Neft G. Grigoriev, O. Zakharova, N. Morozov, A. Kasyanenko, Gazpromneft STC; E. Liubimov, Gazprom Neft
191671 The Complex Approach to Seismic Researches at Studying  of Nonconventional Reservoir A. Konushenko, A. Shkrabov, M. Kovalenko, Belorusneft
191676 Arctic Zone of the Siberian Platform – Resource Base and Development Potential N. Shabalin, A. Dmitrievsky, N. Eremin, OGRI RAS
191682 Analysis of Results Confirmation of Simultaneous Inversion for East Siberian Terrigenous Reservoirs P. Emelyanov, A. Ostankov, Gazpromneft STC
BREAK (10 minutes)
191683 Minimization of Risks in Reservoir Prediction based on Seismic Data M. Vasilyev, A. Butorin, Gazpromneft STC
191686 Hydrocarbon Detection Method and Application based on “Two-Wide and One-High” Seismic Technique W. Zhen; Z. Junzhang; W. Yankun; Y. Jiquan; L. Man; L. Shuang, RIPED, PetroChina
191687 Organizational Model of Management Seismic Survey Projects in PJSC Gazprom Neft V. Dakirov, D. Litvichenko, V. Zhukov, Gazpromneft STC
191688 Nanoseismological Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing I. Chebotareva, A. Dmitrievskiy, N. Eremin, IOGP RAS
1415-1755 Sokolniki 1 Hall
Technical Session 13 Well Construction – Drilling and Completion-2
Session Moderators:
Mikhail Pustovalov, Oil Energy
Pavel Dobrokhleb, Schlumberger
191495 Integrated Engineering Approach for Drilling of the First Well in the Laptev Sea V. Grishankov, A. Galimkhanov, A. Khalilov, E. Tikhonov, A. Kharitonov, S. Bogdanov, A. Berezin, M. Dubrovsky, M. Tsibulsky, Halliburton; A. Suvorov, I. Netichuk, RN-Shelf-Arctic
191496 Casing Design Optimization and Technologies Improvement of Horizontal Wells Construction on the Objects of PJSC "LUKOIL" in Western Siberia L. Bondarenko, D. Bakirov, M. Fattakhov, G. Mazur, LUKOIL-Engineering; V. Kovalev, V. Fatikhov, LUKOIL-Western Siberia
191498 Ahead of the Bit Pore Pressure Prediction under Centroid Effect Conditions Using Express Seismic Processing Results for Exploration Drilling in the Caspian Sea N. Smirnov, N. Evmenov, PetroGM; I. Kerusov, A. Aristarkhov, M. Sokolova, LUKOIL-Engineering
191501 On the Mechanisms of the Formation of Zones with Abnormally High Rock Pressure and Methods for Predicting Them in Undeveloped Rock Systems A. Islamov, R. Faskhutdinov, D. Kolupaev, Gazpromneft-Khantos; S. Vereshchagin, Schlumberger
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191502 Advanced Well Positioning with Magnetic Interference based on Passive Magnetic MWD Ranging: Case Study O. Eatough, M. Alahmad, Total; A. Sikal, F. Momot, D. Reynaud, PathControl
191519 A Comprehensive Approach to Achieve Record Performance on the Field Named After V. N. Vinogradova   S. Yakunin, E. Kashin, A. Shtyfel, RITEK
191522 The Combination of Ridge and Conical Elements is a New Approach for Drilling Out Hard Carbonates and Sandstones without Drop in ROP А. Lomov, B. James, G. Konysbekuly, D. Gumich, R. Rasulov, Schlumberger
191526 Integrated Approach to Real-Time Drilling Optimization Based on Methods of Geosteering, Petrophysics and Geomechanics D. Mylnikov, A. Sabirov, O. Tatur, A. Brazlauskas, Yu. Petrakov, A. Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies; D. Kustarev, S. Sigarev, K. Yakovlev, RN-Uvatneftegaz
1415-1755 Sokolniki 2 Hall
Technical Session 14 Production Stimulation and Hydraulic Fracturing-2
Session Moderators:
Alexey Sobolev, Geosteering Technologies
Kreso Kurt Butula, Schlumberger Moscow Research Center
191705 Refracturing of Multistage Horizontal Wells in PJSC "Gazprom Neft" A. Ogorodov, A. Ostashuk, S. Barkalov, Gazpromneft STC
191709 A Comprehensive Approach to Improve the Efficiency of MSF is Implemented in PAO “Gazprom Neft” E. Kazakov, E. Sayfutdinov, I. Fayzullin, D. Bukharov, Gazpromneft STC
191710 Dynamic Fluid Diversion with Advanced Pressure Monitoring Technique – New Era of Multistage Refracturing in Conventional Reservoirs of Western Siberia S. Parkhonyuk, A. Borisenko, E. Danilevich, A. Loginov, K. Butula, A. Fedorov, D. Tetyuk, A. Kapkaev, R. Makhmutov, I. Tsygulev, Schlumberger; K. Ibragimov, I. Letko, A. Mingazov, A. Volkov, A. Ivanov, I. Samoilov, Slavneft-Megionneftegaz
191714 A New Productivity Prediction Hybrid Model for Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells in Tight Oil Reservoirs L. Tao, J. Guo, Southwest Petroleum University; X. Zhou, A. Kitaeva, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas (National Research University); J. Zeng, The University of Western Australia
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191715 Well Intervention Program Creation at the Novoportovskoye Field  O. Olender, A. Malyugin, V. Fedotov, A. Korepanov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; R. Asmandiyarov, R. Zulkarniev, R. Studinsky, E. Sayfutdinov, Gazpromneft STC; A. Ivanov, NOV Completion Tools
191719 Expanding Boundaries of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing with Coiled Tubing in Novoportovskoe Field A. Belov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; S. Tishkevich, S. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC; K. Burdin, A. Kichigin, M. Maskhadov, A.Ishangaliev, Schlumberger
191720 Experience and Optimization of Essential Multistage Fracturing Technology with Coiled Tubing at the Well for the Vinogradova Oilfield N. Parshin, RITEK; K. Burdin, K. Starodubtseva, M. Novikov, M. Demkovich, Schlumberger
191724 Bazhenovskaya Suite of Severo-Demyanskoe Field: Multi Fracturing Well Completion - Story of Success M. Samoilov, P. Nikitin, A. Prokhorov, O. Koltypin, Rosneft Upstream Peer Review and Technical Development Center; S. Sigarev, D. Kustaryov, RN-Uvatneftegaz
1415-1755 Krymsky Val Hall
Technical Session 15 Well Logging
Session Moderators:
Rim Valiullin, GeoTEK
Andrey Bochkov, Gazpromneft STC
191689 Application of the Combined Real-Time Petrophysical and Geosteering Model to Increase Drilling Efficiency V. Koryabkin, P. Kolba, Gazpromneft STC; S. Stishenko, O. Tatur, Geosteering Technologies
191690 The Integrated Approach to Permeability Adjustment based on the Simultaneous Well Log and Well Test Interpretation E. Maksimova, N. Parfenov, B. Belozerov, Gazpromneft STC
191692 Evolution of Well Logging Technologies in the Development of Deposits on the Caspian Shelf S. Shtun, M. Golenkin, M. Rakitin, D. Shtepin, LUKOIL-Niznevolzhskneft; A. Mityagin, V. Kuzakov, A. Cheprasov, R. Golubtsov, Schlumberger
191693 Approaches for Petrophysical Modelling and Logging Interpretation of Thin Laminated Achimov Deposits Reservoir E. Fattakhov, A. Timirgalin, V. Zhukov, R. Oshmarin, Gazpromneft STC; I. Mukminov, A. Kondratiev, Gazpromneft-Angara
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191694 First Application of Advanced Resistivity Logging Technology for Real-Time Evaluation of Formation Properties and Structural Dips Estimation in Complex Geology of Krasnoleninskoe Field M. Sviridov, Yu. Antonov, R. Kotov, I. Nikulina, Baker Hughes; V. Baranov, RUSPETRO 
191695 Complex Approach to Fault Description while Geosteering for Maximization Reservoir Contact in Horizontal Wells in West Siberia Oilfields V. Krutko, T. Yurkina, D. Kushnir, Baker Hughes; V. Karpov, RITEK
191696 Application of Formation Pressure While Drilling (FPWD) Technology in Challenging Low Mobility Environment – Case Study from Western Kazakhstan S. Ramatullayev, A. Makhmotov, M. Zhabagenov, D. Ospanov, Yu. Markelov, A. Navrotsky, Ye. Gabdyzhamalov, Schlumberger; R. Nurgaliyev, G. Maletti, T. Assanova, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating (KPO) B.V.
191697 Advanced Petrophysical Log Suite Support for Acid Stimulation Design Optimization A. Petrov, R. Khuzin, N. Shevko, Gazprom Neft Business Service B.V.
1415-1755 Okhotny Ryad Hall
Technical Session 16 Hard-to-Recover Reserves-2
Session Moderators:
Alexey Alekseev, Gazpromneft STC
Konstantin Fedorov, Institute of Physical and Technical Sciences, Tyumen State University
191474 An Experimental Study on Carbonated Water Injection of Core Samples from Tight Oil Reservoirs from Ordos Basin J. Zou, X. Liao, H. Chu, Z. Yuan, W. Luo, X. Shen, State Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources and Prospecting, China University of Petroleum (Beijing); X. Li, Z. Zhu, Changqing Oilfield Company, PetroChina
191481 Consecutive Tracer Tests and Pressure Data Reveal Changes in Flow Regime Leading to Incremental Oil Production, Polymer Pilot, 8th Reservoir, Austria T. Clemens, M. Lüftenegger, M. Chiotoroiu, C. Puls, OMV E&P; O. Huseby, Restrack
191488 Prospects for the Spectral Noise Logging Application in the Analysis of Stimulated Reservoir Volume in Horizontal Wells With Multistage Fracturing V. Nagimov, Yu. Maslennikova, I. Shigapov, TGT Oilfield Services; E. Tolmachev, A. Alekseev, Gazpromneft STC
191489 Application of Geo-Chemical Indicators for Sedimentology Description Clarifying of Bazhenov and Abalak Formation in Krasnoleninskoe Field E. Avramenko, M. Grischenko, S. Kuzmina, A. Kudamanov, M. Smyshlyaeva, V. Marinov, A. Potapova, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; A. Akhmadishin, RN-Nyaganneftegaz
COFFEE-BREAK (20 minutes)
191490 Analysis of Chemical Compositions Injection Combined with Cyclic-Steam Stimulation I. Kuvshinov, L. Altunina, V. Kuvshinov, Institute of Petroleum Chemistry SB RAS
191491 Study on the Mechanism of Reversing Oil Displacement for Increasing the Production of Crude Oil in Low Permeability and Ultra-Low Permeability Oil Field C. Guan, Y. Li, Z. Ma, W. Hu, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
191492 Approach to Understanding the Stimulated Reservoir Volume in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs E. Dvoretskaya, M. Salishchev, Gazpromneft STC
191494 Comparative Analysis of Different Well Patterns for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage K. Federov, A. Shevelev, A. Gilmanov, Tyumen State University