"The Promises and Pragmatic Realities of Data-Driven Energy"


Moderators: Sergey Nikitin, industry expert; Ernest Orentlikherman, TEKNOBLOG"
Digital technologies have a huge impact on our everyday life, including the manufacturing industry, becoming a foundation for operations of large enterprises and corporations. The digital age offers unlimited opportunities while specifying rigorous requirements. Being essential for national economy oil and gas industry is not an exception: easy-to-reach oil is running low, hydrocarbon production is getting more accurate and science-based at all stages. It is necessary to search for different creative ways by using the latest technologies to take the lead.
Industry leaders create entire structures which provide analytical and scientific support of oil production and oil processing at all levels of manufacturing.
Companies implement digitalization technology complexes: such as a wide use of both artificial intelligence, robotization of industrial processes and "data lakes" application - a new type of data cloud storage which allows to structure information more accurately and as a result to analyze it more effectively.
Digital transformation is a link between massive technological and structural changes in education, science and technologies.
During the plenary session hosts will discuss with heads and experts of operating, service and IT companies groundbreaking projects, main problems and how companies so far will take the lead at fourth industrial revolution ("Industry 4.0").