19–21 OCTOBER 2017, MOSCOW


Drilling and completion managers and engineers, field supervisors from service and operating companies. Also, the course will be beneficial for geologists, geoscientists, and reservoir engineers for expanding drilling knowledge.


• The pPurpose of ERD wells; particularities and potential difficulties while drilling and designing ERD wells.
• Geotechnics for designing and drilling of ERD wells, borehole stability. Swab and Surge.
• Directional drilling, mathematical methods of well trajectory calculation. Wells anti-collision.
• Drilling bottom hole assembly (BHAs) used for ERD wells, rotary steerable systems (RSS). Drilling string failure modes, torque and drag, buckling, vibrations.
• Effective hole cleaning, drilling fluid selection. Equivalent circulation density (ECD). Tripping practices for ERD wells.
• Casing running, running floated casing. Cementing ERD wells.
• Well control while drilling and completing ERD wells.
• Surface equipment, top drive (TDS), casing running systems.
• Completion of ERD wells: smart wells, inflow control devices (ICD), sand-control.
• Logging of ERD wells, well tractor.
• Drilling ERD wells offshore: offshore logistics and drilling waste disposal.



Kirill Bogachev
Offshore Drilling and Completion Supervisor, Sakhalin Energy

Kirill graduated from Gubkin University of Oil and Gas in 2005, then continued his education in Texas A&M University, where he got master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering. While studying Kirill worked as a research assistant in Petroleum department.
After graduation Kirill worked for BP America as a completion engineer in unconventional gas fields (tight gas, shale gas, coal-bed methane).
Since 2010 Kirill has been working as offshore drilling and completion supervisor at Sakhalin Energy (Gazprom-Shell JV). Kirill got exposure and experience drilling and completion high-rate offshore oil and gas wells including ERD wells with measured depth up to 8000 m. Kirill routinely worked with MWD, LWD, smart wells, big-bore gas wells (tubing OD – 244 mm – 9 5/8 in), hundreds of meter TCP guns, frac pack, etc.
Kirill has all Russian and international certificates for offshore drilling, including Shell Round 2 in Drilling and Completion/Well Intervention