Technical Sessions*, 16-18 October 2017

Technical Session "Hard-to-Recover Reserves"


Precise Fracturing: Increasing Number of Stages and Reducing Treatments Size in Oil Rims of Novoportovskoe Oil Field E. Kazakov, S. Vereschagin, Schlumberger; F. Bulatov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; E. Saifutdinov, Gazpromneft STC
187681 Forecast Gas Production from Unconventional Gas Formation in Case of Variable Bottomhole Parameters A. Shandrygin, DeGolyer and MacNaughton
187682 Successful Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques in Shallow Unconsolidated Heavy Oil Sandstones M. Martynov, A. Konopelko, E. Zagrebelniy, Messoyakhaneftegaz
187683 Boca de Jaruco Steam Injection Pilot: Bitumen Recovery from Oil-Wet Fractured Carbonate Rocks E. Yudin, A. Lubnin, O. Petrashov, T. Azimov, Zarubezhneft; A. Osipov, VNIIneft
187684 Field Development Optimization of Tight Reservoir V.N. Vinogradov of Oil Field by Applying Multi-Stage Fracturing A. Aleroev, M. Chertenkov, N. Veremko, Sh. Kuchmezov, LUKOIL-Engineering; V. Karpov, N. Parshin, RITEK
187685 Heat and Mass Transfer Processes in Oil-Containing Media under the Influence of a High-Temperature Heat Agent that Does Not Penetrate Into the Oil Reservoir V. Larionov, V. Osnos, V. Kuneevsky, Yu. Vankov, E. Saifullin, A. Gainetdinov, Kazan Federal University
Technical Session "Well Construction - Drilling and Completion"


New Technologies of Effective Recycling of Oil Based Mud. Experience of Prirazlomnoye Field V. Kireev, D. Krepostnov, Rosneft; P. Dobrokhleb, D. Voitenko, Schlumberger
187697 Specially Formulated Delayed-Breaker System for Achimov Oil Rims in West Siberia V. Kretsul, P. Dobrokhleb, Schlumberger
187698 Successful Zonal Izolation of Horizontal Liner with Cement Designed for Mechanical Loads During Multiple Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment in Western Siberia Z. Jekic, S. Sergeev, A. Arkhipov, Halliburton; B. Ivanov, RN-Nyaganneftegaz
187700 Optimum Practices to Mitigate Gas Migration Problems in Deep Gas Wells: Lab Studies and Field Cases A. Al-Yami, Saudi ARAMCO
187701 Best Practices in Managing Lost Circulation Events in Shuaiba Formation, South Rumaila Field, Iraq in Terms Preventive Measures, Corrective Methods, and Economic Evaluation Analysis A. Al-Hameedi, S. Dunn-Norman, H. Alkinani, Missouri University of Science and Technology


An Analysis of Rotary Steerable System Usage when Sidetracking in Open Hole in “Fishbone” Multilateral Wells in Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye Field A. Voronin, Yu. Gilmanov, D. Eremeev, Messoyakhaneftegaz; A. Dubrovin, N. Abaltusov, A. Perunov, Weatherford
187703 Evolution of Completion Strategy and Its’ Impact on Field Management Optimization at the North Caspian Offshore M. Golenkin, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
187704 Resolving Directional Drilling Challenges to Deliver Small Bore Open-Hole Stand Alone Screen Completion in an ERD Well of the Piltun-Astokhskoye Field, Sakhalin R. Kasumov, Schlumberger; D. Zhukov, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
187705 Well Placement Application to Drill Fishbone Well on Russkoe Field D. Nazipov, S. Kochneva, V. Dunaev, R. Khabibullin, A. Makhambetov, A. Shirshov, Schlumberger; D. Orlov, R. Enikeev, Tyumenneftegaz
187707 Torque and Drag Modelling of Casing Reciprocation During Cement Displacement in ERD Wells O. Sissenov, E. Dolgushin, K&M Technology; A. Ruzhnikov, Schlumberger
187709 New Solutions – New Opportunities: Managed Pressure Drilling as an Effective Technology for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs of
Eastern Siberia
K. Chernokalov, Vostsibneftegaz; P. Dobrokhleb, D. Voitenko, T. Soroka, Schlumberger
187710 Automatic System for Analysis of Field Data on Drilling Parameters S. Galeev, Yu. Lind, B. Gabbasov, T. Sharipov, K. Shlychkov, BashNIPIneft
187711 New Way of Thinking: Dual-Casing Design for Horizontal Wells N. Bravkova, A. Truba, D. Zadvornov, O. Grachev, A. Sandutsa, Schlumberger; R. Giniatullin, V. Kireev, E. Pilipets, R. Gazimov, D. Krepostnov, M. Mishakov, R. Galimullin, V. Khlebnikov, P. Medvedev, Rosneft
187712 Drilling Progression in the Srednebotuobinskoye Field Development M. Rylance, BP Russia; S. Aliyev, Taas-Yurakh Neftegazodobycha
187713  Safe Drilling Technology for Horizontal Wells in Ultra-Thick Salt-Gypsum Rock in the Right Bank of the Turkmen Amu Darya W. Li, H. Zhou, CNPC Drilling Research Institute
Technical Session "Stimulation and Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing"


The Experience of Multilateral Wells Stimulation with CT Reentry Hydraulic System, Oil-in-Water Emulsion, Dissolvent and Viscoelastic Diverting Acid T. Galiev, Repsol
187715 Coiled Tubing Boosts Efficiency of Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing Technique in Novoportovskoe Field A. Belov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; A. Kichigin, K. Burdin, Schlumberger; S. Simakov, Gazpromneft STC
187716 Multistage Fracturing at Top Gear M. Demkovich, A. Ablaev, Schlumberger
187931 Opportunity in Adversity: A Paradigm Shift in Chemical Stimulation M. Rylance, BP Russia; A. Hoq, BP Aberdeen
187932 First in Russia Large-Scale Implementation of the Channel Fracturing Technology in Horizontal Wells N. Chebykin, Gazpromneft Khantos; I. Faizullin, Gazpromneft STC; A. Yudin, A. Tromovenko, Schlumberger
187933 New Opportunities for Brownfields: Channel Fracturing Offers a Significant Increase of Well Productivity in Complex Geological Conditions in the Samara Region A. Letichevsky, A. Nikitin, A. Parfenov, V. Makarenko, I. Lavrov, Samaraneftegaz; G. Rukan, D. Ovsyannikov, Schlumberger
Technical Session "Oil and Gas Production - Equipment and Technologies. Production Gathering and Processing"


ESP Modeling and Application for Liquid Loading of Gas Condensate Wells on Severo-Urengoiskoye Field A. Epryntsev, F. Minikaev, A. Sullagaev, NOVATEK STC; A. Fastovets, Schlumberger
187733 Cable-Deployed Rigless ESP Systems - Revolution in Oil Production Technology D. Gorbunov, Novomet-Perm
187734 Experimental Studies of Technology of SWAG Injection into Wells Using Mixing Devices E. Sergeev, U. Abutalipov, A. Ivanov, A. Kitabov, P. Vinogradov, P. Esipov, BashNIPIneft
187735 The Evolution of ESP Technology in the North Sea: A Reliability Study Based on Historical Data and Survival Analysis L. Pastre, A. Fastovets, Schlumberger
187736 Peculiarities of the In-Field Gas Gathering Systems at the Latest Stage of the Development of Cenomanian Deposit (Yamburgskoye Gas Field)  G. Kudiyarov, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg; V. Istomin, I. Stonozhenko, A. Rotov, Gazprom VNIIGAZ
187737 Experience and Features of Calculation During Selection of Optimal Technological Regimes, Using GTU Model in HYSYS V. Buleiko, S. Bikbulatov, S. Romashkin, Rospan International
Technical Session "Well and Formation Testing. Formation Fluids Sampling and Evaluation"


Well Completion Technology Evaluation for Oil Rim Field Development Using Permanent Tracers: a Case Study from North-Komsomolskoye Field R. Gashimov, A. Safin, P. Lazarev, RN-Purneftegaz; V. Salyaev, Rosneft; I. Mukhametshin, A. Prusakov, Resman; M. Nukhaev, Resman, Siberian Federal University
187747 Successful Wireline through Tubing PVT Sampling in Sidetracks M. Minenko, Weatherford; M. Kurasova, LUKOIL-Perm
187748 Investigation of Temperature Field in the Formations by Hydraulic Fracture R. Sharafutdinov, R. Valiullin, A. Sharipiv, Bashkir State University; A. Ramazanov, Bashkir State University, SPF GeoTEK; C. Badetz, V. Jaffrezic , Total Exploration and Production Russia
187749  A New Approach to Test Production of Exploration Wells in the Territory of Eastern Siberia N. Dadakin, RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft; M. Nukhaev, Siberian Federal University; K. Rymarenko
187750 Identification of Refracturing Reorientation Using Decline-Analysis and Geomechanical Simulator G. Asalkhuzina, A. Davletbaev, A. Fedorov, A. Yuldasheva, RN-UfaNIPIneft; A. Efremov, RN-Yuganskneftegaz; A. Sergeychev, Rosneft; D. Ishkin, Bashkir State University
187751 Production Logging in Horizontal Wells without Well Intervention K. Ovchinnikov, A. Guryanov, A. Katashov, Geosplit


New Possibilities of Well Testing and Production Logging in Horizontal Wells with Non-Uniform Inflow Profile M. Kremenetsky, S. Melnikov, Gazpromneft STC
187753 Use of Fluids ID* Model in Gas Condensate Testing with Multiphase Metering Technology A. Davidovsky, S. Abramochkin, N. Lopatina, Schlumberger
187754 Resolving Uncertainties in Formation Properties by Hydrodynamic Well Testing at Exploration Phase on Perspective Fields of Uvat Project O. Kulyatin, Upstream Peer Review and Technical Development Center, Rosneft; A. Sosnovskikh, RN-Uvatneftegaz
187755 Development of Automatic System for Decline Analysis V. Kotezhekov, Gazpromneft STC
187756 Isokinetic Sampling of a Multiphase Mixture of Formation Fluids in the Near-Critical Region A. Muraviev, VNIIneft
187757 Geochemical Tools to Correlate Light Petroleum and Evaluate Thermal Maturity: a Case Study of Precambrian Condensates from the East Siberia, Russia A. Chakhmakhchev, SGS; O. Shiganova, A. Achmedova, SNIIGGIMS; V. Andrus, IHS Markit
Technical Session "Field Development Management and Monitoring"


Well Performance Wireless Monitoring with Stationary Intelligent Tracer Systems at the Prirazlomnoye Oilfield A. Koloda, O. Morozov, M. Andriyanov, Gazprom neft shelf
187768 Yu. Korchagin and V. Filanovsky Fields Development Using Integrated Asset Modeling A. Danilko, A. Senkov, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; R. Akhamadiev, LUKOIL International; V. Volkov, LUKOIL-Engineering PermNIPIneft
187769 Distributed  Multi-Gauge Monitoring System for Horizontal Wells. Novoportovskoye Oil and Gas-Condensate Field Case Study I. Kaeshkov, Gazpromneft STC
187770 Providing Start-Up & Steady Operation of Yamal LNG Plant by Optimization of Uzhno-Tambey Field Technological Regime A. Yazkov, A. Sullagaev, A. Yamov, A. Epryntsev, R. Valiev, NOVATEK STC
187771 Benchmarking of Various Types of Completions and MS Technologies for Horizontal Wells at the Priobskoe Field (Southern License Topic)  R. Zulkarniev, A. Sitnikov, R. Asmandiyarov, A. Pustovskikh, Gazpromneft STC; D. Kolupaev, Gazpromneft-Khantos
187772 Evolution of Approaches to Oil Rims Development in Terrigenous Formations of Eastern Siberia A. Levanov, A. Kobyashev, A. Chuprov, S. Yaschenko, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; R. Musin, A. Chirgun, Verkhnechonskneftegaz; A. Svyaschenko, V. Grinchenko, Taas-Yurakh Neftegasdobycha; A. Ovchinnikov, D. Burdakov, S. Zimin, Irkutsk Oil Company


Challenges and Results in Implementing a Smart Field Concept to Increase an Operational and a Developing Efficiency at Mature Field (AO "RITEK" Case Study)  D. Kyrnaev, A. Maslanov, A. Amirov, I. Batilov, K. Ratanov, RITEK; A. Kozhin, V. Fomin, A. Klemba, A. Rybalko, M. Guletsky, SibProektAvtomatika
187774 Automatic Control Algorithms of Water-Gas Mixture Injection Under Implementation of SWAG-Technology M. Gladysheva, P. Vinogradov, A. Lutfurakhmanov, O. Nadezhdin, D. Efimov, E. Sergeev, BashNIPIneft
187775 Successful Real Time Production Optimization Examples for Four Intelligent Wells Offshore, Caspian Sea M. Golenkin, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft
187776 Dynamic Reservoir-Pressure Maintenance System Research in Complicated Carbonate Reservoir by Production Analysis, Production Logging and Well-Testing S. Korobkin, O. Lyubimova, K. Budkin, D. Gulyaev, A. Pimenov, A. Markova, BashNIPIneft
187777 Natural Fractured Reservoirs Characteristics Estimation Based on Production Data Using Simplified Correlation. Examples from Russia E. Kovaleva, V. Syrtlanov, A. Aleev, Weatherford


Tasks of Information Support of Control and Analysis of Oilfields Development in the Scientific Center of LUKOIL M. Cheretenkov, I. Zolova, E. Pryanichnikova, LUKOIL; V. Vidyakin, GEOSplain
187779   Comprehensive Approach to the Fractured Reservoir Management on the Example of Pannonian Basin Oilfield A. Polivakho, I. Bogatyrev, E. Kharyba, M. Dragosavac, NIS-Gazpromneft
187780  New Approach to Estimate Reservoir Complexity index for West Siberian Fields  M. Naugolnov, M. Bolshakov, Gazpromneft STC
187781  Implementation of Oil Geochemistry Analysis for Reservoir Management on Astokh Area of Piltun-Astokh Oil-Gas-Condensate Field  D. Pavlov, A. Vasiliev, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company
187782 Automated Interwell Communication Measuring in the Presence of Self-Induced Fracturing Effect D. Ivaschenko, RN-UfaNIPIneft
187783  Investigation of a Pressure Barrier at OWC and Its Effect on Waterflood B. Stasyuk, V. Camerlo, Chevron
187784 Control of Displacement Front Uniformity by Fractal Dimensions B. Suleimanov, N. Guseynova, E. Veliyev, OilGasScientificResearchProject Institute, SOCAR
Technical Session "Static and Dynamic Modeling"


Building and Application of Integrated Model of a Large Sakhalin Offshore Oil and Gas Condensate Field M. Kuzevanov, D. Skvortsov, M. Karamzin, S. Buchinsky, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187794 Selection of Infrastructure Development of Unique Gas-Condensate Field Using the Integrated Modeling A. Poushev, T. Gataullin, A. Sullagaev, A. Prokopenko, NOVATEK STC; R. Iskhakov, A. Maltsev, E. Tarabaev, Sh. Minigulov, Arctic LNG 2
187795 Practical Application of Static & Dynamic Uncertainty Analysis for Planning of Reservoir Production Profile A. Kravtsov, NOVATEK STC
187796 Direct Calculation of Full Tensor of Absolute and Relative Permeability within Fractured Reservoirs A. Blonsky, D. Mitrushkin, I. Kudryashov, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; V. Plynin, Zarubezhneft
187797 Hybrid Approach to Reservoir Modeling Based on Modern CPU and GPU Computational Platforms  A. Telishev, K. Bogachev, V. Shelkov, D. Eydinov, Rock Flow Dynamics
187798 Well Index Calculation for Arbitrary Trajectory, Perforation, Hydraulic Fracturing and Geological Properties N. Bakhtiy, G. Bembel, Surgutneftegaz


Reservoir Modeling of Complex Structure Reservoirs on  Dynamic Adaptive 3D PEBI-Grid D. Filippov, B. Vasekin, D. Maksimov, I. Kudryashov, D. Mitrushkin, MIPT Center for Engineering and Technology; A. Roshchektaev, Gazpromneft STC
187800 Application MDA Ensemble Smoother Technique for Uncertainty Analysis on the Real Field in Volga-Ural Region I. Breslavich, G. Sarkisov, E. Makarova, Roxar Services
187801  Creation of the Comprehensive Reservoir Oil PVT-Model Based on the Chemical Properties of Hydrocarbons V. Plynin, S. Urazov, Zarubezhneft
187802 Experience in Creation of Variant Hydrodynamics Models on the Example of Tyumen Deposits in Conditions of Geological Structure Uncertainties D. Mett, S. Sukhodanova, LUKOIL-Engineering
187803 Automated Geologically-Consistent History Matching of Facies Distribution and Reservoir Properties in Inter-Well Space by Adjoint Methods E. Zakirov, O. Lyubimova, I. Indrupsky, D. Anikeev, OGRI RAS
187804 The Concept of the Complex Carbonate Reservoir Saturation with the Variable Wettability R. Kanevskaya, S. Korobkin, T. Isakova, O. Lyubimova, K. Budkin, A. Markova, BashNIPIneft
187805 Reactive Flow Modeling at a Pore Scale A. Beletskaya, E. Ivanov, M. Stukan, S. Safonov, O. Dinariev, Schlumberger
187806 Modelling of Well Injectivity with Account for Permeability Damage and Recovery in the Near-Wellbore Zone A. Osiptsov, K. Tolmacheva, S. Boronin, D. Koroteev, Skoltech; A. Sitnikov, A. Yakovlev, B. Belozerov, R. Galeev, Gazpromneft STC
Technical Session "Geomechanics"


Extending the Stress-Testing Deployment Envelope to Highly Deviated Wells: Pipe-Deployed Dual-Packer Stress Testing a Proven Solution  M. Rylance, BP Russia; A. Hoq, A. Ronald, S. Smithells, K. Mossop, BP Aberdeen; R. Naidu, BP
187817 Case Study: 4D Reservoir Geomechanics Simulation of a HPHT Naturally Fractured Reservoir Y. Pan, Schlumberger
187818 Modelling and Forecasting Natural Fractures in Carbonate Reservoirs Based on the Analysis of Rock Mechanical Properties M. Musakaev, I. Latypov, D. Gallyamova, BashNIPIneft
187819 Coupled Novel Geomechanical, Acoustic, and Permeability Measurements under True Triaxial Stress State in Berea Sandstone  B. Baizhanov, Colorado School of Mines
187820 Using of Modern Technology for Continuous Profiling of Core Geomechanical Properties in Solving Drilling Optimization Problems  A. Cheremisin, Geomechanics Systems; A. Sobolev, Yu. Petrakov, O. Tatur, Geosteering Technologies; V. Stukachev, Skoltech
187821 Application of Special Well-Logging Techniques for Geomechanical Model Improvement in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs K. Ezhov, NIS STC; N. Dubinya, IPE RAS; A. Arsibekov, Schlumberger


The Study of the Water-Induced Hydraulic Fracture Propagation: Numerical and Experimental Modeling M. Trimonova, N. Baryshnikov, E. Zenchenko, P. Zenchenko, Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS 
187823 Prediction of Physical-Mechanical Properties and In-Situ Stress State of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs from Experimental Data and Theoretical Modeling  N. Dubinya, S. Tikhotsky, I. Bayuk, D. Beloborodov, M. Krasnova, A. Makarova, O. Rusina, I. Fokin, IPE RAS
187824 Deformation Processes in Reservoir Engineering of the Limestone and Their Influence on the Engineering Processes A. Belonozhko, BelNIPIneft
187825 Practical Application of Geomechanics for Critical Depression Estimation in Sand Control Problem. Case Study for Kikinda Oilfield T. Timofeeva, Gazpromneft STC; M. Biluta, NTC NIS NAFTAGAS D.o.o.
187826 Effect of Saturation Alteration on Wellbore Stability during WAG Injection M. Bataee, Z. Hamdi, Asia Pacific University
187827 Methodology for Calibration of Geomechanical Field Model for Assymetric Hydraulic Fracture Design Based on Actual Data A. Vishnivetskiy, T. Solovyev, Yu. Naumov, D. Martynov, V. Kiselev, Weatherford; A. Naymushin, A. Frolov, YarGeo; I. Leontev, A. Abdrakhimov, Y. Korovaychuk, NOVATEK; A. Bezikov, NOVATEK STC
187828 Case Study: 3D Reservoir Geomechanics Applied to a Shale Gas Reservoir in Sichuan Basin, China  K. Qiu, Schlumberger
Technical Session "Brownfields"


Operative Localization Technique of Current Mobile Oil Reserves for Mature Reservoirs Based on Material Balance A. Aleev, V. Syrtlanov, Weatherford
187838 West Salym ASP pilot  Ya. Volokitin, M. Shuster, V. Karpan, E. Mikhaylenko, I. Koltsov, I. Tkachev, Salym Petroleum Development
187839 EOR by Smart Water Flooding in Sandstone Reservoirs - Effect of Sandstone Mineralogy on Initial Wetting and Oil Recovery A. Mamonov, University of Stavanger 
187840 Data-Driven Optimization in Mature Fields C. Temizel, Aera Energy (Shell-ExxonMobil JV)
187841 Application of Capacity-Resistance Model(CRM) for Production and Remaining Oil Reserves Reservoir Allocation in Mature West-Siberian Waterflood Field  R. Sakhibgareev, A. Gladkov, Modeltech
187842  Advanced Reservoir Stimulation Technologies, Developed by Production Association Belorusneft  I. Lymar, A. Serebrennikov, Belorusneft
Technical Session "Gas, Gas Condensate and Oil Gas Condensate Field Development"


OGIP Evaluation by using Specific Drainage Volumes Method: Theory and Case Study S. Kolbikov, NOVATEK; M. Klimov, R. Ramazanov, NOVATEK STC
187852   Frac Size Matters: the Experience of Achimov Deposits Development in Urengoyskoe Gas Condensate Field Yu. Zakharzhevskiy, Rospan International; A. Yudin, D. Kubyshkin, Schlumberger
187853  Integrated Approach to Determination of Optimal Capacity and Configuration of Booster Compressor Station at Different Realization Stages A. Poushev, D. Nerodenko, P. Kudrin, A. Yazkov, NOVATEK STC
187854 Accounting for Stationary Criteria of Liquid Unloading for Downhole Equipment Optimization and Prolongation of Gas Wells Operation I. Maksimovsky, F. Minikaev, R. Mangushev, Novatek STC
187855 Study of the Efficiency of Methods for Enhanced Condensate Recovery Based on Reservoir Simulation Models E. Makarov, A. Romanov, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187856 Brownfield Development Optimization under Uncertainty – a Structured Workflow Design for Complex Case Scenarios M. Komin, R. Schulze-Riegert, I. Magdeev, V. Chernyak, Schlumberger


Features of Development, Construction and Exploitation Oil and Gas Fields. Implementation Results of Integrated Model K. Povyshev, S. Vershinin, O. Vernikovskaya, Gazpromneft STC
187858 EOR Miscible Gas Project in Oil-Gas Condensate Field N. Glavnov, V. Kuntsevich, M. Vershinina, I. Perevozkin, O. Ushmaev, Gazpromneft STC; D. Bazhenov, Gazpromneft-Yamal
187859 First in Russia Viscoelastic Surfactant Based Fluid Implementation in Multi-Stage Fracturing for the Development of Oil Rims D. Garenskikh, A. Korepanov, Gazpromneft-Yamal; D. Vernigora, O. Olennikova, Schlumberger
187860 Influence of Permeability Distribution on Gas Recovery  from Massive Reservoir with Bottom Water I. Indrupsky, D. Anikeev, E. Zakirov, E. Mamedov, S. Zakirov, T. Tsagan-Mandzhiev, D. Klimov, OGRI RAS; Yu. Arkhipov, E. Varyagova, Gazprom dobycha Nadym; V. Mikhailov, Yu. Volkov, CSMRneft
187861 Reconstruction of the Initial State of a Gas-Condensate System Based on a Limited Set of Field Data; a Case Study of One of the Fields in South Caspian Basin A. Semenov, D. Olenchikov, Roxar
187862 A Case Study of Gas Condensate Reservoir Performance under Bottom Water Drive Mechanism T. Tran, T. Truong, A. Ngo, N. Tran, Bien Dong POC
Technical Session "Core Analysis"


Integrated Laboratory Research Procedure for Core Cavernous Samples  Ya. Gilmanov, I. Vakhrusheva, M. Nikolaev, M. Zagidullin, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center
187872 Carbonate Core: Research Features, Complexities, Prospects K. Kovalev, P. Grishin, A. Fomkin, A. Kurochkin, M. Kolesnikov, A. Levchenko, K. Gabsiya, VNIIneft
187873 Mosaic Hydrophobization of the Surface of Organic-Mineral Matrix from Rocks of Bazhenov Formation N. Bogdanovich, E. Kozlova, M. Spasennykh, Skoltech; S. Borisenko, S. Rudakovskaya, Arctic-Gers
187874 Multi-Scale Image Fusion of X-ray Microtomography and SEM Data to Model Flow and Transport Properties for Complex Rocks on Pore-Level K. Gerke, M. Karsanina, Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS ; T. Sizonenko, IPE RAS; X. Miao, Key Laboratory of High-efficient Mining and Safety of Metal Mines (Ministry of Education), University; D. Gafurova, D. Korost, Lomonosov MSU, The Faculty of Geology
187875 Laboratory Methods of Bazhenov's reservoir Properties Used for Reservoir Model Clarifying T. Mamyashev, I. Karpov, Gazpromneft STC; D. Kostin, Gazprom neft
187877 Experimental and Theoretical Study of Microstructural Wettability of Oil and Gas Reservoirs K. Motorova, Lomonosov MSU
187878 Influence of Precursors of Catalysts on Initiation of In-Situ Combustion and Its Dynamics K. Sadikov, V. Larionov, M. Varfolomeev, Kazan Federal University
187879 Laboratory Testing of Sand Control Systems for Heavy Oil Extraction from Unconsolidated Rocks A. Betekhtin, D. Kostin, E. Tikhomirov, Gazpromneft STC; M. Nikolaev, Messoyakhaneftegaz
187880 Features of Different Water and Technological Fluids Influence on the Filtration Proporties of Nepa Formation in Eastern Siberia L. Gaidukov, Gazpromneft-Angara
187881 Numerical Interpretation of SCAL Data with Automated History Matching Tool B. Jenei, R. Manasipov, H. Ott, University of Leoben
187882 Methodological Approach to the Study of Oil Recovery Processes E. Nikitina, S. Tolokonsky, VNIIneft
Technical Session "Field Geology and Geophysics"


Unique Technologies for Seismic Data Interpretation: Sedimentation and Paleotectonic Analysis, Pseudo 3D P. Avdeev, I. Efremov, G. Gogonenkov, S. Elmanovich, A. Plakhov, GridPointDynamics
187891  South Ural Foredeep: the Newest Integration of Structural and HC System Modelling 2D/3D in the Overall Analysis of HC Potential Complex Tectonic Setting I. Belenkaya, I. Melnikova, R. Murzin, O. Zakharova, Gazpromneft STC; I. Popova, A.P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute; M. Morin, Paradigm; R. Giboreau, A. Thebault, Beicip-Franlab; M. Saint-Germes, E. Markina, Beicip-GeoTechnologies
187892 Methods of Spectral Inversion and Their Application to Wavefield Analysis A. Butorin, F. Krasnov, Gazpromneft STC
187893 Pore Structure Impact on Carbonate Reservoir Quality V. Yalalova, A. Ermilova, A. Khakimov, I. Volnov, LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company; G. Abdullaev, V. Dzhumaev, Institute of Oil and Gas Fields Geology and Exploration
187894  Estimation of Abilities of Surface Microseismic Monitoring During Hydraulic Fracturing R. Dyagilev, Mining Institute of Ural Branch of RAS; A. Shumilov, Permneftegeophysika
187895 Numerical Modelling of surface Microseismic Events to Analyze the Factors That Influence the Model of Cracks A. Butorin, F. Krasnov, Gazpromneft STC
Technical Session "Well Logging"


New Approach to Offshore Field Development in Russia: Ultra Deep LWD Measurements for Accurate 3D Reservoir Model Update S. Shtun, M. Golenkin, A. Shtun, LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft; D. Latypova, M. Brichikova, V. Kuzakov, N. Zolotoi, A. Cheprasov, Schlumberger
187901 New Production Logging Tool for Inflow Profiling of Low-Rate Oil-Water Horizontal Wells: Case Studies of Field Testing an Experimental Prototype D. Miklashevskiy, V. Shako, I. Borodin, V. Mukhin, Schlumberger; R. Skochelyas, TyumenPromGeophizika;  V. Shalamov, TyumenNefteGas; A. Komarov, Verkhnechonskneftegaz; R. Valiullin, R. Iarullin, Bashkir State University
187902 Evaluation of a Carbonate Field with non-Standard Fluid Saturation – Effect of Depletion and Pore Structure Yu. Petrakov, A. Zozulya, Volga Gas PLC; E. Karpekin, V. Blinov, Schlumberger
187903 New Technologies and Approaches to Interpreting Logging Data in Horizontal Wells N. Schetinina, Tyumen Petroleum Research Center; M. Basyrov, I. Zyryanova, D. Ganichev, V. Yatsenko, Rosneft
187904 Electromagnetic Tool for High-Resolution Logging: Theoretical and Experimental Studies V. Glinskikh, M. Nikitenko, IPGG SB RAS
187905 Evaluation of Reservoir Properties of Thin Bed Shaly Sand Formations A. Kalistratov, A. Kolomytsev, L. Abdrakhmanova, Schlumberger

*The programme is relevant as of 24 May 2017. All author's names, companies' and paper titles are listed as submitted to SPE.