SPE Workshop: Enhanced Oil Recovery Results

Posted on 06 May 2019

On 23–24 April 2019 SPE held the third Workshop on Enhanced Oil Recovery. The workshop took place in Moscow, Russia and gathered 50+ delegates from key operating and service companies including Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, OMV, Rosneft, Schlumberger, Surgutneftegas, Tatneft, Zarubezhneft and others.

AVK_0110.jpgDelegates discussed EOR technologies and case studies of brownfields, the reservoir of complex structure and heavy oil.

The programme committee highlighted the following presentations:

  1. Jan Paul, Torsten Clemens, Markus Lüftenegger, Martin Sieberer, OMV: Polymer injection of medium viscous oil horizon under high water cut level
  2. Artem Smirnov, VNIIneft, G.Sansiev, Zarubezhneft: A tool to evaluate the efficiency of EOR methods
  3. Fanil Akhmetzyanov, Tatneft: Specifics and challenges of heavy oil production in the Tatarstan Republic illustration based on Tatneft company experience 
  4. Azat Latypov, S.Terentiev, LUKOIL-Engineering: Thermal recovery method optimization in small thickness reservoir of Yaregskoe heavy oil field

SPE expresses its gratitude to the programme committee members and the participants for the cooperation and support!



Looking forward to seeing you at the next SPE Workshop on Enhanced Oil Recovery taking place in 2021!