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SPE Tyumen Section Holds the Lecture Broadcasted on YouTube

Posted on 19 April 2019


On 19 April в 19:00 (Tyumen time) in Polytechnical School (Tyumen, 8 March str., 2, bldg. 1, room 501) the SPE Tyumen Section will have a meeting and a lecture:


Speaker: Alexey Khabarov — Senior expert TNNC, the head of the special Petrophysics Institute).

The lecture will be broadcast on YouTube: https://youtu.be/UTpEBybpqLE


Most of the "classical" oil fields in Western Siberia are represented by low-amplitude oil deposits with a developed transitional saturation zone and the presence of free water above the accepted water-oil contact. The development of such "undersaturated" deposits is fraught with significant difficulties in assessing the potential of wells and the risk of obtaining high water content of well production from the very beginning of the operation.
In such a situation, an understanding of the structure and properties of the transitional saturation zone is an indispensable condition for the successful management of the development of "undersaturated" oil fields. To solve this problem, it is necessary to build flexible interpretation algorithms, the core of which is the model of the transition zone, organically interconnected with models of all individual reservoir characteristics. The lecture presents the methodology of interactive petrophysical modeling of undersaturated reservoirs of the transition zone according to core, GIS and field information on the example of one of the Salym group of fields.

About Speaker

Khabarov photo.jpgAlexey Khabarov is a Senior expert at the Tyumen State Scientific Center, the head of the special Petrophysics Institute. He graduated from Tyumen State University in 1996. Sakhalin Energy, Salym Petroleum Development, TNK-BP, etc.
Specialized in a complex interpretation of core and GIS for reservoirs of varying complexity: terrigenous, low-permeable and heterogeneous reservoirs, carbonates, rocks of oil source strata, foundations and weathering crust (Western and Eastern Siberia, Orenburg region, Timan-Pechora, Sakhalin, Ukraine, Vietnam, Brazil, Middle East, etc.).
There is an expertise of the State Reserves Committee, the author of numerous publications, petrophysical courses and lectures awarded by the Regional National Academy of Knowledge, is the permanent chairman of the committee of the SPE Petrophysics XXI technical conference.