SPE Tashkent Section first meeting

Posted on 11 July 2014

The first business meeting of SPE Tashkent Section was held on 10 July 2014 chaired by Rozhentsev D.V. The main issue of the meeting was “Modern technologies of perforation and secondary drilling”.

The Section was officially registered on 27 May 2014. It was the first internationally viable organization related to oil and gas industry established in Uzbekistan. Nevertheless, the Section has already gathered 39 members and the number of specialists joining the Section will increase.


Rozhentsev D.V., Deputy General Director for operation at LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company, was elected by an unanimous vote to the Chairperson of the Section. Volnov I.A., Head of Modelling Department at LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company, was chosen for the position of Program Chairperson. Pak D.P., Chief Officer at LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company, became Membership Chairperson. Talipova A.S., student of Tashkent Branch of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, became the Section’s Secretary.

The main Section’s goals are:

  • gathering and joining together the different specialists working in the oil and gas industry of Uzbekistan;
  • considering the most pressing challenges in the Uzbekistan industry;
  • exchange of the knowledge and experience in recent developments and technologies in oil and gas sector.

The topic chosen for discussion was approved by all the members and was conditioned by its relevance to Uzbekistan oil and gas industry.   Currently the reservoir management is time consuming and requires the usage of the modern technologies for effective recovery. 

There were Dylan Peter Thomas, Well Testing Geomarket Sales Engineer at Schlumberger, and Alexei Dmitriev, Head of Technology Department at “Promperforator” company, invited to the Tashkent Section meeting. Dylan Peter Thomas is the expert in that field with more than 20 years of experience. Alexei Dmitriev is the author of a number of publications in such magazines as “Petroleum mainline” and “Oil, Gas, Innovation”.

The first meeting of SPE Tashkent Section gathered more than 50 attendees overall including both official participants and guests. The meeting was attended by the specialists from the following companies: LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company, Schlumberger, TNG, Eriell Corporation, IGIRNIGM, and the academics from National University of Uzbekistan and Tashkent State Technical University. Moreover, students with specializations in various subjects from subject-oriented universities (Tashkent Branch of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Tashkent State Technical University, National University of Uzbekistan) were invited to take part in the event in order to intensify the SPE activity among students.

From now on the Section is planning to hold the similar meetings at universities to find the most active students, start to cooperate with the future Student Chapter, show and explain the current developmental trends of technologies in the oil and gas industry.

TashkentSection3.jpg.bmp.jpgThe first lecturer, Dylan Peter Thomas, presented his paper dedicated to the history of perforation technology development, advanced techniques of conventional cumulative perforation and types of perforation. The presentation of the second lecturer, Alexei Dmitriev, was also of current interest and was devoted to the types of perforation equipment. 

Summing up it is necessary to note that the development and successful operation of SPE Sections all over the world depends on its members' motivation and interest. The first meeting of SPE Tashkent Section demonstrated the importance of the Society’s existence nowadays and the profound interest of various companies and specialists who attended the event as guests. We hope that this event laid foundation for the future enhancement of SPE Section in Tashkent.

tashkent section3.png