SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference: record number of participants on the first day

Posted on 16 October 2018

AVK_0559.jpgOn 15 October 2018 the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference kicked off in Moscow, bringing together 670+ delegates from leading international and regional operating and service companies, research institutes, and universities. Overall, the programme of the first day included 8 technical sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, and a round table on drilling; 50+ presentations.

The first day of the conference opened with a panel session devoted to digital transformation in the industry and problems it is facing. The session participants presented their views and analysis in a lively format with dialogue being fostered between representatives of leading companies in the field of smart technologies implementation: Shell, LUKOIL-Engineering, Schlumberger, Gazpromnegt STC, Deloitte, and IBM. The 2019 SPE President Sami Alnuaim presented at the Panel Session and the next special session.

AVK_0088.jpgThe introduction of advanced technologies was also one of the key topics at the special session supported by Salym Petroleum "Technical Leadership in the Era of Change". During this session, the participants, by means of virtual reality, had a unique opportunity to look to the city of tomorrow and learn what the future holds for the industry.

For the first time the delegates can download a mobile app and have access to programme online, ask questions during sessions, select best presentations, and more. By 15 October application was downloaded by 600+ users.

SPE team expresses its gratitude to the SPE Student Chapters members that helped SPE staff on site.

What's Next?

There will be more 16 technical and 6 knowledge sharing sessions, Special YP Session, and 5 round tables.