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SPE Russia and Caspian Regional Student Paper Contest Results

Posted on 02 November 2020

On 29-30 October the SPE Russia and Caspian Regional Student Paper Contest was held alongside the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference. It was a fully online event with hybrid presentations: most of the students presented live, but there were several pre-recorded presentations and their authors attended the QA sessions.

20 students from 14 Universities of Russia and the Caspian Region participated in 3 divisions: Bachelors, Masters and PhD Students.

Contest judges:

  • Marina Tkachenko, Ingenix Group
  • Ainura Ismailova, Schlumberger
  • Evgeniy Malyavko, Geosplit
  • Lev Kotlyar, Schlumberger

We are so grateful to the SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference Young Professionals Programme Sponsors for their support. We were happy to host a special session by Igor Novikov, Geosplit, on the second day of the Contest. Igor provided students with a brief regional industry overview and told about career opportunities.

We are happy to announce the winners who will represent the region at the International Student Paper Contest alongside the next year ATCE in Dubai, UAE:

Bachelors: “Simulation of a cyclone separator to improve the efficiency of gas purification from mechanical impurities” by Khasan Abrorov, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas – Tashkent Branch;

Masters: “Transfer of proppants in a fracture during hydraulic fracturing, by creating a capillary suspension” by Ayomikun Bello, Skoltech/KNRTU;

PhD Students: “Selection of anionic surfactant adsorption inhibitors onto carbonate rock in high temperature and high salinity conditions” by Alexandra Scerbacova, Skoltech.