The Saint Petersburg Mining University Students Events in November

Posted on 12 December 2017

The first lecture of the course the young oilman
Organizer: Zatsepin Artem
Date: 11.03.2017

Location: St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg, Russia

3rd November, 2017, on Friday, at 18-30 Moscow time was given a lecture on the theme "Geology and chemistry of oil and gas" at the St. Petersburg Mining University.


The lecturer was Kisurina Anastasia- a leading specialist in monitoring resource base and subsoil use. She told about where the oil and gas are extracted, what types of rocks there are, told about their properties, and also about geological exploration. In the end of the event, the students were sent a case, through which they could apply the received knowledge in practice. After the lecture, the students could ask all their questions.

The lecture in the company's office "GAZPROM NEFT"
Organizer: Chernomorov Ilya
Date: 10.11.2017

Location: Saint Petersburg, street Posts, 3-5

10th November 2017 Friday, at 17-30 Moscow time in the office of the company "Gazprom Neft" was a lecture on the topic "Tip of the rocks as the solution to the modern the nearest post." Lecce held the mark Line - senior research consultant petrophysics of Chevron Corporation. Corporation Chevron is one of the world's leading Integra energetic companies. With its subsidiaries that conduct business worldwide, the company is involved in almost all energy. Chevron explores, produces and Transporter of crude oil and prod gas; refines, sells and resistant transport fuel and Inc materials. The lecture was pont questions about Tip g rocks, the nearest post and solution method in the modern the nearest post. After the lecture, the participant could ask all.


The second lecture of the course the young oilman
Organizer: Vaga Ivan
Date: 17.11.2017

Location: St. Petersburg Mining University, St. Petersburg, Russia

17 November 2017 Friday, at 18: 30 Moscow time was given a lecture on the topic "Drilling, development and exploitation" at the Saint-Petersburg Mining University. The lecturer was Aydar Faridovich - specialist of the Department of Geology and development of deposits of the company "Gazpromneft STC". In the first half of the lecture, he told about what is the drilling, shown the types of wells, and also told about the offshore drilling and drilling equipment. In the second half of the lecture, he spoke about the development and operation of oil wells, and about methods of enhanced oil recovery. Due to the special format of the lecture, students 1 and 2 courses has opened a lot of new in the most important sectors of the oil and gas business. The lecturer spoke to students in accessible and understandable language, so everyone present had the answer to his question. After the event, students were sent two cases to the topic of the last lecture, where they look to apply their knowledge in practice.