Online Presentation on Probabilistic Reservoir Modeling as a Key Success Factor for Decision-Making

Posted on 01 April 2020

Exact time and a link to the online presentation will be available later. If you would like to participate, please email Angelica Gupta, and we will send you detailed instructions before the event. Please note that presentation will be hold in Russian.


Probabilistic analysis is a useful tool  for making decisions when changing phases of the field development. But sometimes oil and gas companies underestimate the necessity of using appropriate approach for each field development stage. The materials delivered in this review based on experience implemented in Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan fields and proved useful for assessing complex reservoir conditions and were based on the deep understanding of the reservoir properties and geological issues as well as clear vision of the project management and criteria for the stage shifting.

Each stage of the field life cycle is characterized by different approaches towards the uncertainties that must be properly managed. The complexity using approaches  changes with the time and based on the data gathered for making decision. For each development stage more effectively to use specific decision-making approach. Different techniques used in the review as simple uncertainty and complex probabilistic analysis, value of information and criteria usage for reaching the best decision.


IV.pngIgnatiy Volnov is an expert in carbonate reservoir engineering, modeling and decision making based on probabilistic approaches with experience 17 years. Graduated from Russian Oil and Gas Gubkin University with bachelor degree in petroleum engineering, master of science in reservoir engineering and PhD in mathematical applied science.  Ignatiy has worked for Gazprom, Russneft and LUKOIL.  Since 2018 has been working for TengizChevroil as LUKOIL seconded Senior Reservoir Engineering Adviser. Over 6 years he was in charge of Reservoir Modelling Department in LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company practicing decision making based methodology and improving it until now in giant Tengiz field.


The author of more than 50 articles, scientific publications, design and 

technological documents, 1 textbook “Oil production intensification”, and 2 copyright certificates for software.

SPE member since 2004, founder of Tashkent section and govern it since 2014, Chairman for Atyrau Kazakhstan section in 2018-2019.

Worked in various regions: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Western Siberia, the Republic of Udmurtia, the Kuznetsk Basin (coal bed methane) and the USA. Consolidated over 40 oil and gas reservoirs experience.