SPE Moscow Section Newsletter: December, 2014

Posted on 18 December 2014

Dear SPE members and oil and gas professionals!

Another SPE Moscow section monthly meeting took place on December 9, and it was the last lecture in 2014.


The meeting began with pleasent news from Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University students. Marat Tukhvatullin, Gubkin University Chapter President, gave a short summary of the sixth annual international student conference "Oil and Gas Horizons" and on behalf of the Chapter payed respects to the sponsors and partners of the conference by awarding memorable gifts.

After that Artem Syrmolotov, one of the leading petrophysicists in Weatherford, presented "Integrated approach to studying of secondary porosity in carbonates using special well logging data". The topic excited a lot of questions which Artem gladly answered.

After the lecture there was an unexpected surprise for SPE members – a lottery, where a nice SPE logo cap was raffled. Everyone was very excited by this new fun tradition.

2.jpg 3.jpg 


At the last SPE Moscow section monthly meeting we wanted to hear your opinion and organized an instant polling on the venue for the section monthly meetings: what is your preference – the Congress Centre or Gubkin Russian State Oil and Gas University. The response has been evaluated based on membership - active members (in blue) and non-members (in orange). 


We received 62 filled feedback forms:

  • 47 people would like to attend meetings in the Congress Centre
  • 7 people chose Gubkin State Oil and Gas University as a preferable venue for monthly meetings
  • for 8 people each venue is good

You can see the results in the chart aboce.

There are some of important statistics that we would like to share with you – the SPE Moscow section monthly meetings attendance for the 2013-2014 season are seen in the chart below.


The festive season has seen two prominent presenters - the Distinguished Lecturer Program (DL) having lower then median attendance. We will hope this poor response will not happen in January 2015, as Mikhail Zuber will present a very interesting topic on unconventional resources titled “Tight Coalbed Methane A Giant Worldwide Resource: How do we Produce it? (Challenges and Solutions)”. Please find more info on the website.

Great news! We have extended the SPE Moscow section monthly meetings season till July!


If you want to join SPE or update your membership, please use the link!


You can always find the SPE Moscow section monthly meeting plan and the presentation abstracts on the SPE Russia and Caspian regional website.

You can also always download the presentations that have been already presented from SPE Moscow Section website: www.spe-moscow.org


Dear colleagues,

On behalf of SPE Moscow Section we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the future events!


SPE Moscow Section Team