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GEOSPLIT Became 20RPTC Sponsor

Posted on 06 April 2020

GEOSPLIT* became Young Professionals Programme Sponsor of the upcoming that will take place 12–14 October 2020 in Moscow, Russia.

SPE would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to GEOSPLIT for support and cooperation!

*GEOSPLIT LLC is an international oilfield services company. The Company develops an advanced tracer-based solution for obtaining downhole data without well intervention operations to horizontal laterals.
The Company provides oil and gas producers across the globe with an ability to perform production logging without well intervention many times for several years. Tracer containing material is deployed in horizontal well using hydraulic fracturing proppant or special well completion cassettes. The technology is featured by use of high-tech tracers - quantum dot marker-reporters® and an advanced «machine learning» software for downhole data interpretation. The portfolio of GEOSPLIT technologies help to improve well completion, well stimulation, well integrity and water shut-off decisions, reduce well intervention risks as well as lifting costs. Learn more at