Energy charge for pupils from Gubkin University in Tashkent SPE Student Chapter!

Posted on 23 January 2015

There is no doubt that the school is an integral stage of both the educational process and the formation of personality. It is at school that the foundation for the future and interests are being laid. According to the main SPE mission, a few enthusiastic students of Russian State University of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin, Branch in Tashkent, also representing SPE Gubkin Tashkent Student Chapter, decided to visit the specialized school #103 pupils to share their knowledge and experience. Other aims were to give the proper understanding of oil and gas industry issues and risks, as well as to talk about what the profession of a petroleum engineer means and why it is critical to be a professional working in that field.

As this was the first event of that kind, all the participants were a little bit concerned about how the meeting with pupils is to be held. However, it turned out that the pupils were perfectly prepared and the dialogue between two generations will go a friendly and casual atmosphere.

To begin with, student Natalia Grishina gave an informative lecture about SPE, oil and gas, and the knowledge and skills required for effective exploration and production. The children had the opportunity to touch the real oil and even to hold in the hands the real core. Then all the pupils were divided into teams, each of which was headed by one volunteer from student section. Teams were named after the most famous oil and gas companies that stirred up the pupils' interest in the game. Moreover, pupils could use all the stuff that students brought with them - boxes, bottles, sticks, rulers and all the rest. Children and adults explored for oil with enthusiasm, prepared the statement of profit and loss, organized debates, discussed the problems and tried to find solutions.

Each team prepared and presented a report on their results. It should be noted that all the answers were very serious and not childish, the children mentioned problems of GIS and high seismicity, considered ballistics and even offered the heliocentric system. Thus, schoolchildren not only took part in an interesting game, but also gained a vast knowledge in the field of oil and gas, and some of them may become one of the leading specialists to move forward the industry.

Gubkin students express their great gratitude to the Director of the school #103 Leila Fazilovna, as well as Energy4me Project, in the framework of which the activity was held. And, of course, thanks to all the participants for their activeness and creativity!


Prepared on the basis of the article by Papadmitrieva Larissa,
Russian State University of oil and gas named after I. M. Gubkin, Branch in Tashkent
PR-department Officer