DL Lecture in Astana

Posted on 04 February 2015

On the 23rd of January 2015 SPE Astana Section members and guests welcomed Mr. Brian C. Gahan with his presentation on “Perforating with lasers: are you ready for the power of light?” as part of the Distinguished Lecturer program. It was the first event in the new 2015 and gathered around 40 participants from different international and national companies, research institutes and Nazarbayev University in Radisson hotel, Astana. It has been fully sponsored by ExxonMobil.


Mr. Brian C. Gahan is a founder and president of Laser Rock Technologies, a private energy consulting firm in Cary, Illinois. His presentation gave an insight on the advantages and disadvantages of using the lasers as an alternative to perform safe, nonexplosive and damage-free perforations. The technology is well used in military and, hopefully, will find its place in petroleum industry as well.