Article "Technology Development in Upstream Division of Gazprom Neft" Published in JPT

Posted on 10 May 2017

In the April 2017 JPT issue, you may find the article "Technology Development in Upstream Division of Gazprom Neft" written by V.V. Yakovlev, M.M. Khasanov, Gazprom Neft; D.O. Prokofiev, V.R. Filimonova, and A.V. Shushkov, Gazpromneft NTC.

In this article, you will find out that the Gazprom Neft formulated their technology strategy, which focuses on moving from "smart buyer" approach to a "strategic goal-setter" effort that emphasises technological development through partnership. The company now focuses on fast search, adaptation and adoption of new technologies. To gain that, it was necessary to realize their technological challenges in order to expand resource portfolio access and maximize invested assets. 

The technological strategy is a vital element of the Technology Management System (TMS), an integrated system used by the company to manage the processes of search, selection, trial, introduction, and replication of technologies. Currently, about 80% of the entire project portfolio involves purchasing and adapting ready-made technological solutions. Read the whole article in the April JPT Issue>>

The Russian article was published in OnePetro library within the framework of SPE-Oil Industry Journal Joint Project.

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