670+ Delegates Gathered at the First Day of 19RPTC

Posted on 22 October 2019

The first day of the SPE Russian Petroleums Technology Conference brought together 670+ delegates from leading international and regional operating and service companies, research institutes and universities. In total, on 22 October, we held a Panel session, 9 technical sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, a round table and two Ask the Expert sessions.

The first day of the conference opened with a Panel session on the Evolution of Oil and Gas Technologies: Learning the Past, Unlocking the Future. The discussion was attended by the leaders and experts of the largest oil and gas producing and service companies: Vyacheslav Kulagin, Institute for Energy Studies; Olivier Houzé, KAPPA; Mars Khasanov, Gazprom Neft; Artem Karapetov, Schlumberger; Eric Strand Tellefsen, Equinor; Shauna Noonan, Occidental Petroleum, 2020 SPE President; Tommy Kassem, BHGE Russia Caspian.

For the first time this year, we are holding events in the format of Ask the Expert, during which delegates can listen to lectures by leading world industry experts and ask questions to them. On 22 October, two Ask the Expert took place: "Proppant When, Where and Why?" with Martin Rylens and "How to Optimise Reliability, Risk and Compliance through Human Factors Leadership" with Richard Tarran.

If you liked the new format of the event, rate it in our mobile application, where you can also access the program online, ask questions during the session and much more. As of 23 October, more than 660 delegates have downloaded the application.

Thanks to the SPE student sections for on-site assistance.

What awaits you next?

In the next 2 days, you will take part in 16 technical sessions,  knowledge sharing sessions, a special session for young professionals, 5 round tables and another Ask the Expert session.