SPE Regional News

— 08 April 2015

Now you can take SPE Certification Exam in Russia

SPE members in Russia now can take your SPE certification exam at a facility that’s convenient for them.

— 08 April 2015

SPE to Institute Plagiarism Check on Conference Papers

In order to improve of SPE’s technical quality we implement double-check during the submission process.

— 02 April 2015

SPE RSGPU Student chapter opened Chapter English club

On 25 February 2015 Russian State Geological Prospecting University Chapter opened English club.

— 01 April 2015

Weatherford became 15RPTC Sponsor

Weatherford will Sponsor 2015 SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2015.

— 30 March 2015

STAR Scholarship and Fellowship – Submission Deadline in 2 weeks!

Do not miss the opportunity to become STAR Recipient - Apply for STAR before 15 April 2015.

— 26 March 2015

Khazar University will represent Russia and Caspian region at PetroBowl Championship

We congratulate students from Khazar University (Baku, Azerbaijan) who took second prize at PetroBowl Regional Qualifier!

— 24 March 2015

SPE Section reflected shale gas wells in Tashkent

Tashkent Branch of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas hosted the fourth SPE Tashkent Section meeting, which was devoted to shale gas development.

— 23 March 2015

"Oil Evening" was held in TSOGU

23 March 2015 TSOGU SPE Student Chapter conducted the 2nd "Oil Evening".

— 19 March 2015

Total became 15RPTC Young Professional Programme Sponsor

Total will Sponsor 2015 SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2015.

— 17 March 2015

Open lesson for school students in Astana

Nazarbayev University SPE Chapter organized an open lesson for Astana school students on 10 March 2015.