SPE Regional News

— 28 March 2017

Monthly Young Professionals Meeting Gathered 60+ Attendees

On 23 March 2017 SPE Moscow section chair Kreso Butula made a presentation on horizontal wells with multi-stage fracture completions.

— 15 March 2017

Ufa Section Technical Meeting

The technical session on Geological Reasoning of Carbonate Reservoir Heterogeneity for Production Optimisation will take place 21 March 2017 in Ufa.

— 14 March 2017

SPE Week Took Place at Gubkin University

27 February–3 March 2017, the SPE Week took place at Gubkin University.

— 06 March 2017

Waterflooding in a Snapshot’ – Lecture by Saad Ibrahim, Petro Management Group Ltd.

On 2 March 2017, Mr. Saad Ibrahim, the President of Petro Management Group Ltd., delivered a presentation on waterflooding at Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

— 27 February 2017

SPE Workshop on Carbonates Results

Here are the results of the SPE Workshop on Carbonates held 21-22 February 2017 in Moscow.

— 22 February 2017

International Student Conference KazanUpExPro 2017, 14-17 February

First International Student Conference "KazanUpExPro 2017" was held 14-17 February at Kazan Federal University.

— 17 February 2017

Science Day at USTU

USTU SPE Student Chapter organized Science Day for school students in Ukhta.

— 14 February 2017

One Day Left to Register for the SPE Workshop in Carbonates

You still have the opportunity to take part in the fourth SPE Workshop on Carbonates held 21-22 February 2017 in Moscow.

— 14 February 2017

The First SPE Workshop on Geomechanics in Russia

You have a great opportunity to participate in the first SPE Workshop on Geomechanics, held in Moscow.

— 08 February 2017

Chevron Commits USD 800,000 for SPE Student Programs

SPE announced that Chevron Corporation has committed USD 800,000 to support SPE’s programs that are dedicated to increasing student participation and advancing energy education.